Keyboard Shortcuts

Enterprise has Keyboard Shortcuts to help navigate through the software. These shortcuts are tremendously helpful for users who prefer to use the Keyboard over the mouse. The Keyboard Shortcuts are also helpful to navigate directly to a form instead of clicking several times to get to a form.

To view a list of Keyboard Shortcuts, click the E button in the upper left corner. 

Select Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts press the keys on your keyboard all at the same time:

In addition to the Keyboard Shortcuts listed you also have the ability to use keys to open new record forms:
  • Alt + 1 New Employee

  • Alt + 2 New Customer

  • Alt + 3 New Order

  • Alt + 5 New Contact

Save Using the Save function will Save the changes you've made to the record in Enterprise.
Refresh Using the Refresh will undo the changes you've made to a record in Enterprise and take that record back to the state it was in when it was saved.

The Misc Keyboard Shortcuts allow you to lookup, copy, link and unlink within the PayBill Time Entry area.

Keyboard Shortcuts can be used from anywhere within Enterprise.

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