Beyond - Two-Step Authentication

Registering Your Device

This article is designed to assist those whose system is configured for two-step authentication.

*Note* If utilizing  the two-step authentication process configuration, in order to have access you will need a smart device available in order to proceed. 

Begin by opening your preferred internet browser and navigating to in your web browser search bar.

Enter your username and password assigned. If you do not remember your password and username, contact your internal administrator.

After entering their credentials, you will be asked to set up the two-step authentication. This system is designed to provide an extra layer of security to ensure that access to a given database will only be available to its users. Think of it as a lock and your smart device is the key. Select the 'Start Setup' button to begin.

Next, select which type of device they would like to connect to with their user login. We recommend using a mobile phone. When ready, select the 'Continue' button.

Enter in the phone number for your device, including the area code. If the number provided is a valid phone number, a green check will indicate this. If this number is correct, select the confirmation check box and the 'Continue' button to proceed.

Select the type of phone associated with your number.

You will now be asked to download the app for Duo Mobile, our two-step security provider. Follow the steps provided and confirm once the app has been properly installed on your device.

Open the app. Within Duo, select the '+' button in the top right corner of the screen this will open your phone's camera.

 Next scan the QR code displayed in the Beyond setup area. Once scanned successfully, a large green check mark will appear over the QR code allowing the user to continue:

Multiple devices can be added to the same username and login. If the user wishes to do so, simply select 'Add another device' and repeat the previous steps. If using multiple devices, select the default device to be contacted when signing in. When the user is ready, select the 'Back to Login' button.

From now on, when logging in, you will be prompted on how you would like to authenticate the login. The recommended method is via Duo Push.

A push will send a notification to your app where you can interact with your pending authentications. Simply open the app to display your pending authentication requests. If the the request times out, simply select 'Send Me a Push' again in the web browser.

Once the request is displayed, select 'Approve' to successfully login into Beyond.

Reconnecting Your Device

If the app was deleted or its connection was terminated with Tempworks, select 'My Settings & Devices':

Because Beyond already has your device's number, you will need to prove that it is you that is adjusting the settings of your device. Beyond will send you either a phone call or a passcode via text.

If the 'Enter a Passcode' option is selected, Beyond will send you a series of passcodes. Select one and enter that into the field. Select 'Log In.' If you fail to receive any passcodes, select the 'Text me new codes' option in the blue bar below:

Now that the system has confirmed that it is you, select 'Device Options' next to your listed device:

Select 'Activate Duo Mobile':

Confirm the type of phone your device is, the select 'Continue':

Make sure the Duo app is installed on your device. Then select 'I have Duo Mobile installed':

A QR Code will display to be scanned by the Duo Mobile app:

Once scanned and you have selected 'Continue,' you are now set to receive Duo push notifications and you may return to the login screen.

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