ADP ALINE Paycards

Enterprise has integrated with ADP paycards to directly enroll the card through the system and automatically load funds with ease.

*Note- TempWorks will need to set up your company with an API key before initial use of the ADP integration can occur.

To enroll the employee, start on the employee record and navigate to pay setup > electronic pay> paycard account:

Click 'Enroll New ADP Card': 

The 'enroll ADP paycard' wizard will populate to alert you of missing information that is required to continue ADP paycard enrollment:

Missing information will be highlighted and must be resolved before setup can be completed. Once resolved, or if no necessary information is needed you will be brought to the 'enroll ADP paycard' window:

Step 1: Enter the ADP card details. You must include the leading zeros as well as the proxy id number located on the card.  Once information is entered, select 'Validate Card'.

While validation is processing the following screen will appear:

If successful, the card can be issued:

If any issues occur during validation  a red alert will appear prompting you to fix the information entered.

Once step 1 is completed, step 2 will be unlocked.

Step 2:  Enter the location that ADP assigned the card to, whether this is the location of your corporate office or individual branch(es):

For example, ADP sends the cards to corporate and corporate determines how the cards are dispersed amongst branches.

Once location is entered, select the funding account:

Step 3: The dropdown fields in the 'Select Contact Methods' step will be pre-filled from the employee record:

Step 4:  The system will go through the address validation process based on what is entered on the employee record. If the address entered is not found or invalid, the address standardization process will prompt the following error:

*Note- Users may still continue the enrollment process using an address that is not verified by the U.S. Postal Service.

Step 5: On the 'Initiate Enrollment' step, you may begin the card enrollment process by selecting 'Enroll':

*Note- If  an invalid card identifier error appears, you may need to go back and verify the proxy id information or ensure the location chosen is correct.

If enrollment is successful, you will see the following status and may close this window:

In the pay setup section of the employee record, you may navigate to the electronic pay area to view the paycard account details. In the following example the enrollment process is in progress. 

Step 6: You may need to select the (1.) 'Update Paycard Status' icon to refresh the paycard account and confirm with ADP the card can be issued. This may take a full day to update. You may need to refresh the status frequently.

Once ADP fully enrolls the card, the status will update to 'Complete' or' Card Issued'.

The employee will receive e-mail notifications guiding them to preview statements for their paycard:

Two options for paycard processing may occur while using the ADP integration, please navigate to the option best fit for your company. 

*Note- Regardless of which option is selected the transaction will still need to be processed through payroll just like any other transaction.

Option 1- A configuration can be added that will automatically turn on the ACH bank account area. Using this option will automatically carry the account details obtained from ADP to the ACH bank account section: 

Using this method will allow users to run payroll and pull the ach file as normal. Not sure how to run payroll? Check out the Payroll Processor Manual. Not sure how to pull an ach file? Check out: How to create ACH and Positive Pay Files.

Option 2-  Fund the paycard(s) during the payroll process.  After Processing the transaction through a payroll run the user will then navigate to payroll (1.) and select start or continue a paycard funding run (2.):

Within the fund paycards-start window select start a new paycard funding run:

Users must choose a location and funding account to ensure the cards will be validated and funded:

Place a check mark next to all cards you wish to fund > select next:

If any errors occur during the funding process, select and fix them accordingly:

Once errors are fixed users may select to fund paycards within the view paycards window, select next :

Initialize to begin the funding of paycards.  

You may still abandon the funding run if changes need to be made or account details were updated:

As cards are funded, navigate to the employee>pay history> paycard history tab to review funded card details:

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