Beyond - Tips for Navigating Through Beyond

Navigation Tips

In Beyond, we have a wealth of options with which to navigate our database. Here are some of our favorite tips for navigating:

Tip # 1: Top-Down 

In order to avoid getting lost while navigating in Beyond, try and remember to evaluate where you are by thinking "Top-Down." 

Start at the top, identify what kind of record you are looking at. Then, take one step down and see which record your looking at. Then take one more step down and see which 'tab' of that particular record you are in.

Tip # 2 :  The 'B' Menu 

This opens your menu where all of your user preferences and tools can be found. 

Here, you will find their hierarchy selection tool, reports, and settings. Hierarchy determines what records you are able to view in Beyond. The higher the hierarchy, the greater scope of vision you have. If you are unable to find a specific record, consider what hierarchy you have selected.

Tip # 3: Searching by Record Type

Selecting any of these 'search' icons will allow you to look up a record directly by what kind of record it is. It also searches by any combination of the listed criteria.

Be mindful of the status of a record. If you are looking for a closed assignment, or an employee that is no longer working for you, be sure to select a status of 'Inactive.' Likewise, if you are searching for current orders for a customer, make sure the status is 'Active.'

*Note* After selecting a record type, the chosen type will be displayed beside the 'search' icons.

Tip # 4- The Master Search Bar 

This quick tool is incredibly useful for quickly searching off a single piece of information and does not discriminate between any one particular criteria.

For example, if you search for "Br," the master search will return any employee, customer, contact, assignment, and job order, regardless of a status that contains the characters "Br."

Tip # 5- Recent History

This will display every page you have been to since you logged into Beyond in your browser. 

This will clear if you log out or close your current tab/browser. From here you can click on any page and quickly jump back to that record. By hovering your cursor over a selection, you may remove these pages by selecting the 'trash' icon or bookmark them by selecting the 'bookmark' icon.

Tip # 6- Bookmarks

These are pages you have set aside to review for later. Pages can be selected in the same fashion as they are in the recent history bar and may be used to jump between important records you wish to hold onto. They can also be removed as they were added by hovering your cursor over the page and deselecting the 'bookmark' icon. Bookmarked records appear with the golden 'bookmark' symbol beside their avatar. This is also displayed in the upper right hand corner.

*Note* Bookmarks only work for individual records. At this time, searches are not able to be bookmarked.

Tip # 7- Browser History and Navigation Tools 

To take advantage of Beyond's browser based platform, you may use the navigation buttons built into your browser to oscillate between records.

*Note* You may hold down on the back arrow in Google Chrome and it will open your browser history.

Tip # 8The Help Button

Sometimes we could all use a little help. With Beyond, we have built the perfect resource for those who learn by jumping into the action. The 'Help' button. Located in the upper right hand corner of your window, the 'Help' button will provide the user with a quick jump to an article that is contextually relevant to the user's view.

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