How to Email Invoices

Setting Up Email Invoices:

Before you can begin emailing invoices the following items need to be setup first. 

Email Template Setup: 

Users can setup a myriad of invoice email templates by navigating to all options → email → (1.) template manager. Why would you need more than one? 

Well, for example, if one customer requests very specific information in their invoice email a custom template could be designed for them. Or perhaps you would like to use a different template per branch. The possibilities are endless!

Customer Record Setup: 

If you intend on emailing invoices to your customer on a regular basis it is crucial that their customer record is setup accordingly. To do this, navigate to invoice setup →(2.) billing setup. Select an invoice method that includes "email," such as (3.) Print and Email. Next, specify which (4.) email template you would like to send the Customer. 

Remember, all of the options listed in the dropdown correspond with the templates you designed in our first step outlined above. 

Contacts can be individually setup to receive PDF, XLS, or both formats, allowing the option for different formatting preferences when invoices are being emailed out to the client.Navigate to Customer> Invoice Setup> Billing Setup> Invoice Recipients:

When adding or editing invoice recipients select the option to customize the format of the invoice for that specific contact as shown:

*Note* Timecard images cannot be attached to the XLS invoices, but will still be attached to the PDF format if both formats are selected on the invoice recipient. Emailing Invoices En Masse

How to send invoices via email

Once invoices have been created, users are able to send emails with the invoices attached. To do this, start by expanding the invoicing box in Pay/Bill and select (5.) Email invoices. 

Step 1: Choose your sender address (this is setup in the Button of Enterprise → Options → Mass Mailer) and week end bill date.

Step 2: Select the invoices you would like to send, this can be filtered by a variety of groups so users can choose to email invoices by Branch, Customer, etc. 

Step 3: The "view emails" step allows users to review the recipients name and email address. From here, you can utilize the (6.) icons to view a contact, edit contact details, preview the email, or remove the email. Please note that you cannot edit the email body or template from here. 

Step 4: Send the invoice emails with the click of a button!

Step 5:Click Finish to close the wizard. 

Emailing Invoices Individually

If you would like to email an invoice individually you can do so by navigating to the invoice detail of said invoice (you can get here via the invoice register within Pay/Bill, or from the Customer record → invoice history). Once there, simply select the (7.) mail icon to email the invoice. When emailing invoices individually users have the ability to CC and/or BCC additional invoice recipients, select the template they would like to send, and furthermore edit the body of the email itself. 

Once Emails Have Been Sent:

Example of the email template versus the actual email received 



Actual Email: 


Also, every time an invoice is emailed out of Enterprise, a message is automatically logged on the recipients Contact record displaying the text of the email.

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