How to add an Enterprise Login Shortcut to your Windows Task Bar

This article is designed to assist in setting up a pinned shortcut for Enterprise on your Windows taskbar.

Adding an Enterprise Login Shortcut to your Taskbar 

Begin by going to, from here login as normal by entering your login credentials.

After entering your credentials you will be directed to the RemoteApp and Desktops screen, select the 'Enterprise' icon as shown:

This will download the Remote Desktop destination in the lower left portion of your browser. It can be identified by the following title, "cpub-ENTAUTH-Chaska_Primary-CmsRdsh". Right-click on the icon to display the options menu, select 'show in folder'.

This will open your downloads section of your file selector tool. Simply drag the "cpub-ENTAUTH-Chaska_Primary-CmsRdsh" item to your task bar.

 Pinning the Remote desktop icon to the taskbar will allow you to 'right- click' and select your Enterprise login without having to re-download the system in your browser every time you wish to login to Enterprise. Each time you wish to login to Enterprise merely right- click on the Remote Desktop icon and select ""cpub-ENTAUTH-Chaska_Primary-CmsRdsh" 

Verify that the destination information aligns with your system and connect as normal by inserting your credentials when prompted.

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