How to Set Up Join.Me


When you call into the TempWorks Support line with an issue, you may be asked to show Support the issue that is occurring on your screen. The best way to do this is through sharing your screen using a screen sharing software. One that is commonly utilized by our support team is This article will help walk you through the steps needed to create an account with to make the troubleshooting process quick and easy.

To start, select the orange 'Get Started' button:

Create an Account

There are a few things required to create a account. 

1. Enter your email.

2. Create a password.

3. Accept their terms and conditions.

4. Click 'Get Started!':

You will be prompted to provide additional information on the following pages. This is completely optional and you can choose to skip all of these steps.


You will be asked to download the software that allows the screen sharing functionality to work. This is a small file that will generally download in a minute or two:

After the download is complete you are ready to roll! You can launch the software from the download page as seen below.

If you are not using the software immediately after downloading it, you can also launch the software from your account home screen when you log into or by finding the software in your task bar on your computer.

When you want to start a screen sharing session, you will want to select 'One-Time Code' and hit the play button. 

*Note* The personal link is part of's PRO version that you receive a two week free trial for when you first set up your account. You will still be able to use the one-time code option for screen sharing after the two week free trial ends.

Once your session has started, you should see the following bubbles on your screen. There will be a nine digit code that looks similar to a phone number. Provide this number to your support team member and they will be able to join your session and see your screen. Now you are all set to start troubleshooting!

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