How to Set up the TempWorks Outlook Plugin

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Installing the Plugin:

Start by navigating to:

Once there, select launch web installer:

You will then receive a security warning to verify that you would like to install the application. Select install.

Once successfully installed, you will see the pop-up message stating The ‘TempWorks TWOutlook Add-in’ registration succeeded.  

*Note*  you may need to close Outlook and reopen it to complete 

Establishing TWOutlook Settings: 

 Upon opening Outlook the TempWorks ribbon tab should be visible at the top:

*Note* If you do not see the ribbon tab, then close Outlook and re-open it.

The settings tab is used to configure the connection between TwOutlook with your TempWorks database. 

If you connect to TempWorks via the Remote Desktop Connection (aka via, enter in your username as HOST\username.

Select test connection before saving your settings in order to verify that the connection can be found. 

If a connection cannot be found, confirm that the properties and values that display in the settings window align with your database. This can be done by expanding the e button in Enterprise and selecting the server option at the very bottom of the menu: 

This will automatically open the diagnostic information window. Confirm that the sql server and db Name listed here match (EXACTLY) the servername and dbname fields in the TwOutlook settings window. 

Notice in the example below, the DB Name in the diagnostic window does not match what is listed in TwOutlook. To connect properly, the dbname in the settings window would need to be updated to tworks_demo. 

Once you are done making all necessary changes select to test connection again. 

Saving Emails as Messages:

Save as message allows users to attach an email as a message to an employee or contact record while also applying a Message Action code. 

*Note* Auto save messages, when checked, will automatically attach incoming messages to an employee or contact that matches the email address.

Have the email that you would like to save as a message open, then select save as message.

You can search for an employee or contact by entering their name in the search bar and selecting go. You also have the option to add new employee and/or add new contact from this screen.

Next, select a message action code for the email from the dropdown and hit save.

The message that was saved from outlook should now be visible in the visifile and messages page of the corresponding employee and or contact record:

Parsing Resumes:

Parse email text will parse the body of the email and create an employee record in Enterprise. 

Parse attachment will resume parse any email attachments and create an employee record in Enterprise. 

If there are multiple attachments in an email, you will be asked to specify which file to parse:

When parsing from TwOutlook, you are able to view and edit information similar to the resume parser in TempWorks. For instance, the tabs in the lower left area show that we can navigate to the personal, jobs, education, and skills section of the parsed resume to view information and make any changes. 

After selecting save, a message box will verify that the resume has been parsed successfully and will provide you with an employee id number.

The employee record is also immediately available to view/edit in Enterprise. 

Syncing the Calendar: 

Sync calendar will manually synchronize the Outlook calendar and Enterprise calendar. Upon selecting, you will define your sync direction and filter criteria then select which items you want to sync. 

Auto-sync on startup, when checked, during Outlook start up the plug-in will auto-sync both the TempWorks and Outlook calendars.

Sync Options:

  • Sync items from TempWorks to Outlook (TempWorks overrides Outlook)
  • Sync items from Outlook to TempWorks (Outlook overrides TempWorks)
  • Auto-sync both TempWorks and Outlook 

Weeks to sync back: Allows users to select and sync previous weeks (up to four weeks back).

Weeks to sync forward: Allows users to select and sync future weeks (up to 24 weeks forward).

After selecting a sync option and weeks back and/or forward, select find changes and then sync. 

Saving Email Contacts as Enterprise Employees & Contacts: 

Save as employee allows users to quick add a TempWorks employee using information from the selected email. As shown in the message box below the first name, last name, email, status, counrty, and state have all bee n post-filled 

Enter additional information as desired.

After selecting save the employee record is immediately available to view/edit in Enterprise. 

Save as contact allows users to quick add a TempWorks contact using information from the selected email. As shown in the message box below, the first name, last name, email, country, and state have all been post-filled form the email.  

Enter additional information as desired.

After selecting save the contact record is immediately available to view/edit in Enterprise. 

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