Job Candidates Areas

In TempWorks Enterprise, Employees can be added to an order record's candidate worksheet; allowing for better tracking and managing of the overall hiring process. The candidate worksheet provides placement specialists an easy to follow record of who is, or was, being considered for a job. Placement specialists working on an order can document their efforts in attempting to fill the position, view the last status of a candidate being considered and- if a replacement is required- they are able to see who else was being considered for the role.

Through the process of utilizing the candidate worksheet, each step is documented for very useful analytics of the hiring process.

Order candidate log:

When viewing the order/candidates/log, all changes to the candidate worksheet will be displayed. This includes the time and date of the status change ("Entry Date") as well as the actual status and any comments documented. These columns can be used to analyze how log it took to fill the position, or, at what point we got hung up in filling the position:

Candidacy on an employee record:

A candidate list for a specific employee is also available within the details/candidacy area of their record; this list includes the last status the employee had, on every order for which they have been considered. Information from the candidacy page can be  quite useful in fighting unemployment claims or determining if an employee should be terminated (they have a list of refused statuses):

To edit candidacy information, highlight an order by clicking and select the pencil icon (1.). To navigate to the order for the candidacy highlighted select the folder (2.), or delete a candidacy with the x icon (3.).

Job candidates:

A master list of candidates can be found within the all options/job candidates area.  

In this area, candidates can be searched by employee name (1.), customer name (2.), rep name (3.), branch (4.), or by active vs. inactive status (5.).  

The results may be grouped by any column by dragging and dropping that column header into the blank space above the columns.

The candidate list can also printed by clicking the printer icon. 

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