How to Process WebCenter Timecards in Enterprise

Web Center Timecards are quick and easy because all of the time entry is done for you. The proofing and processing of the time will happen the same way as your manually entered time. This documents outlines the steps you'll take to verify, approve and override your Web Time as well as how to pull that time into a Payroll Proofing session.

When a Web Center Timecard is created in Web Center, you will be able to see that as a transaction within Pay/Bill Time Entry. You'll also be able to see the step each Web Center Timecard is in at any moment.

Within the Time Entry area of Pay/Bill you will see a column for Web Center Status (1.). 

*Note* If this column is not displayed, right click your mouse on the column header bar and click on Web Center Status so it has a check mark in front of it. This will make the column appear.

The status of the Web Center Timecard is represented by a symbol of a globe. As each Timecard flows through the process of being created, time being entered, submitted and approved the globe will change.

  • A grayed out globe (2.) represents a Timecard which has been created and time may or may not have yet been entered.
  • A black and white globe (3.) represents a Timecard which has had time entered (or Salary or Adjustment) and has been submitted for approval.
  • A green and blue globe with a check mark in front of it (4.) represents a Timecard which has been approved.
  • A green and blue globe with a check mark in front of it (5.) represents a Timecard which has been submitted an approved but has then been edited.

During the course of maintaining and processing your Web Center Timecards you may need to make modifications to what has been submitted and/or approved. There are a series of buttons located on the Detailed Timecard which will help with each scenario:

Icon Key:


Updates the timecard from a status of Submitted to Approved.

Ex. An Employee has entered and submitted their time but their supervisor has not approved it. This gives you the option to "force" the timecard through and not wait for the supervisor's approval. 

Rejects/resets the timecard to an resubmitted status. Once reset, the Employee can update and resubmit hours from WebCenter.

Ex. An Employee may have entered their time incorrectly. You may want to "push" that timecard back to the Employee for correction.

Allows the timecard details to be edited. 

Ex. Hours were entered and approved but were not correct. You may want to "override" the timecard.

Note: Only the daily and weekly totals of the timecard can be overridden, if a Federal Timecard format has been used to create this timecard, the individual entries may not be overridden.

Allows users to review edits and updates made to the WebCenter timecard. 

Ex. Who edited the hours on this timecard? The log window will display the date and time each event occurred and the responsible party.

Runs the "Consultant Time Log Verification" report which displays all activity that has taken place on the timecard, including the details within each step.

Once all of the time has been entered, submitted and approved, it is processed like all other timecards however, Web Center timecards do not automatically drop into a Proofing session. Web Center timecards must be pushed into a Proofing Session.

Users have two options that will bring WebCenter timecards into a proofing session. They can pull all WebCenter timecards into a proofing session at once or they can individually pick and choose the transactions they'd like to bring into a proofing session. 

Pull all WebCenter timecards into a proofing at once:

If you want to push all approved Web Center timecards click the Actions button (1.) then select Create Webcenter Proofing Session (2.)

This will create a new Proofing session and push all Approved Web Center timecards into that session.

*Note* Using this method will push all Web Center timecards in any open Proofing session the payclerk currently has open. This the payclerk does not have a Proofing session open, this action will create a Proofing session.

Individually select the transactions you'd like to bring into a proofing session:

Note: This can be helpful if you are ready to start processing payroll and billing for one group of transactions but not all. For instance, in the example below, we can select only the transactions for Customers Metro Sales and Stearns Trailers but not for Murphy Construction.

Select the Web Center timecards you'd like to push into a Proofing session by holding down your shift (or control key) and clicking to select each transaction with your mouse. Once all desired timecards are highlighted, right click your mouse and select Move Selected into Proofing Session (1.).

This will push ONLY the timecards selected into a Proofing session.

*Note* If you already have a proofing session open, this method will create an additional Proofing session, therefore, a payclerk may have more than one proofing session.

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