Enterprise - How to Utilize CIA Background Checks

Enterprise™ & Clear Investigative Advantage (CIA)

Clear Investigative Advantage is a third-party background service provider allowing users to order, review and post various background checks all from within Enterprise. 

*Note* To get started with this integration please work with your account manager or project manager at TempWorks.

Once initial setup is completed between TempWorks and CIA an additional security role labeled 'CIA Background Check' should be assigned to those who should have access to processing the background checks within your staffing company. 

Assigning a CIA Background Check 

You can assign a background check to any employee record. 

  1. Navigate to the employee record you want to start a background check for
  2. Select the actions menu > choose Request CIA Background Check: 
  3. Select the background service(s) you wish to use, the options within this screen will vary based on options your team selects with CIA.  Once all of the services you wish to order have been chosen select 'Next': 
  4. You will then be prompted to fill out the data requirements for each service that they are going to order
    • Many of these fields are prefilled, any required fields are highlighted in orange
    • When you have finished meeting the requirements of all of the required fields, select ' Next'
  5. The final screen of the CIA Wizard  will display the status of the request or any errors with the service order.

Viewing Background Check Results

Once a background check has been completed, you will be able to review and post results in Enterprise. 

  1. In Enterprise, navigate to All Options > Integrations > CIA 
    • Each request will have a distinct "Tracking Number" 
    • Requests may contain multiple tests and all tests must be completed to see finished results. 
  2. CIA Search Options 
    • Right-click the column headers to add additional data fields for viewing preference:
    • Select the show archived box to review all tests, if you deselect the Show Archived checkbox, it will only show the active tests within the filtered branch.
  3. Results Option (Right click a request) 
    • Post Result-  If selected this option will post the results of the selected background check. The following window will populate if the post was successful.
    • View Employee - this option will allow you to quickly navigate to the employee record
    • View Required Documents - this option will navigate you to the required documents section of the employee's record 
    • View Report - this option will allow the user to see the full results in a browser window

Seeing Posted Results:

Once you have posted results, you can find them on the employee's record under the documents section with the document type CIA Result (results may take a moment to post)

The posted result will also add the CIA background check to the required documents section: 

Example Report:

When you select the view report option, Enterprise will open the full CIA report in a web browser window

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