Global Cash Card (GCC) Integration

*Note* As of 9/28/2020, Global Cash Card has transitioned to Wisely Pay.

For more information on ADP Wisely, along with setup and utilization, please see the following articles:

With this transition to ADP Wisely, there are a few points of note:

  • Current issued pay cards will continue to function normally
  • Direct deposit information that has already been entered will remain the same
  • Employees will manage their card using the myWisely app or

Global Cash Card Integration

Global Cash Cards are a re-loadable debit card and can be used as an alternate way for employees considered "unbanked" or do not have bank accounts to receive their pay electronically. It takes the place of paper paychecks and works similar to a credit/debit card. Employees have online access to their account and will receive a monthly statement.  Within Enterprise you may setup the GCC paycard within the ACH Direct Deposit section of the employee record.  

*Note- As a staffing company it is your responsibility to send the card numbers to GCC to activate the card either manually or by setting up an export to GCC. If you wish to setup an export, please work with a TempWorks representative to see if this is possible for your company.

Global Cash Card Setup

Navigate to the employee record, pay setup (1.), electronic pay (2.). Once there, select 'Activate Electronic Payments' as shown (3.):

Enter the bank routing information in relation the global cash card routing account (1.), enter the account number (typically between 9-16 digits) found on the card itself that will be handed out to the employee (2.):

GCC payment processing will be handled during a normal ACH run.  Follow the link to learn more about ACH processing, How to Create ACH and Positive Pay Files

 If an export has been created for your company to upload to the GCC site, additional steps will need to be taken to ensure the file is processed correctly.

Instructions for creating the export file

1. Navigate to the Pay/Bill tab.

2. Select the actions menu, Export.

3. Under select category choose  "Paycard," under select procedure choose "Global Cash Card Cardholder Issuance," under parameters, enter the start and end date.  Choose the current weekendbill (Sunday) through Friday. Select "Export File."

Instructions for uploading export file to GCC website

1. Go to the website

2. Login with your username and password as a 4 digit PIN.

3. You will be prompted with a DUO authentication request. If you need assistance setting up DUO for Global Cash Card, please reach out to Global Cash Card to assist with credentials.

4. Select the "Batch Processing" tab and select "Import Cardholders ATM." Select "Browse" and find your exported file to "Upload."

5. There will be an "Import Exceptions" list and a "Successful Additions" list.

6. Import Exceptions will display any errors under the "Result" tab. These errors need to corrected and resubmitted.

Common possible errors and solutions

  • User already exists in the system- The employee’s GCC information was already submitted.  This error will generally show with each upload since the date range chosen will overlap past uploads.  Solution: There is no solution needed for this error. 
  • Primary zip code is invalid- GCC’s export does not upload 9 digit zip codes.  Solution: The employee’s zip code must be updated to 5 digits in TempWorks.  This is located under the employee visifile under “details.”
  • Invalid date of birth-The employee does not have a date of birth entered or the employee’s birthdate ages them as 15 years of age or younger.  Solution: The employee’s date of birth, nationality and gender must be updated in TempWorks.  This is located under the employee visifile under “details” and the “equal opportunity” section.  If the employee is 15 years of age or younger contact the client.
  • Primary card number is not valid-The card number entered in under the electronic pay as the account number is incorrect.  Either there is a typo or the account number entered does not belong to GCC.  Solution: Must contact the client and have them reenter the electronic pay information.

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