Kenexa Prove It Integration

Kenexa Prove It! Integration

The Enterprise integration with Kenexa Prove It! allows users to assign tests, search and review results all from Enterprise—no more managing two logins, two sites, and two sets of documentation. With the Kenexa integration, you have it all in one database.

To Request a Kenexa Test:

From the employee record in TempWorks Enterprise, expand the 'actions menu' and select 'Request Kenexa Test':

Expand the various categories by selecting the + icon to view the specific tests.  Choose any number of tests by selecting an item's check box:

*Note* Only test that your company subscribes to will be listed.

Click 'Next' to proceed.  Enter any additional required data (if necessary) and again, click 'Next':

You will then receive a results form which will indicate the session ID, expiration date and URL:

This information can either be  manually supplied to the employee or emailed in a hyperlink by selecting the email icon ():

Once sent, a message will automatically be logged on the employee’s record to the fact that the tests were requested:

Kenexa Results

Once the employee has completed the requested tests, the Kenexa test results can be seen by navigating to all options (1.)→ integrations (2.):

Search the results by branch, SSN, or employee name:

Right-click on any item to post the test results to the employee record, view the employee record, or to view the test results report:

Post Results 

Selecting to post results will open the 'add test score' window where users can review and add to the information listed:

Once posted, the Kenexa test results can be seen by going to the employee details >test scores page: 

View Report

Selecting to view the Kenexa test report will automatically open a Kenexa 'Result Detail'  web page, allowing users to review test results in depth: 

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