March 2023

To Our Valued Lone Oak Customers:

Spring is just around the corner which also mean first quarter is almost to a close!

Our topics for this newsletter include:

  • Enterprise Payroll Proofing Session Best Practices
  • Lone Oak Payroll Email Integration - Update!
  • Unemployment Rate Updates
  • Amendments to Prior Periods

Lone Oak Payroll & Funding Client

Enterprise Proofing & Errors Best Practices:

The Proofing Session in Enterprise is extremely important in the payroll process to ensure errors are caught and corrected prior to processing payroll. Reviewing the proofing errors that populate in your system is a great best practice to avoid errors being approved that should result in corrective action. There are no proofing errors that will “hard stop” your payroll team, so knowing what is being approved and what should be reviewed is essential for accurate payroll. Having a clean proofing session that is used for its intended purpose can save you and your customers countless hours and money.

Additional resources to support Proofing Session Best Practices:

Jira Email Integration:

Lone Oak Payroll (LOP) is excited to integrate a new email system to enhance your customer service experience. The LOP Payroll and Tax team has been working in Jira for the past year and will now transition all replies and creation of emails into the system. There are no changes to how you communicate with the LOP team currently.

What does this mean?

  • Continue to email all payroll requests to paperlessprocessor@tempworks.comor
  • Emails from the Lone Oak Payroll team may look or feel a little different (not a typical outlook format)
  • Faster turnaround times for requests
  • Streamlined communication amongst all payroll specialists
  • Increased visibility for all payroll & tax needs 


Unemployment Rate Updates: 

Unemployment rates are updated typically on the first of the year, but there are a handful of states that update throughout the year and ask to be back dated to January 1st. As published in January, we are working directly with the states to pull down updated rates for 2023. We have received files from 10 states to date and said states have been uploaded to our filing system. Enterprise is being updated within 2-3 business days of our filing system being updated. We are committed to completing our review of all 50 states and having rates updated in your Enterprise systems before the close of first quarter, 2023 (3/31/2023). If you have rates you’d like updated as one-off prior to that time, please reach out

It is extremely important that we are still notified of any rate information sent directly to you. Inaccurate unemployment rates create inaccurate cost of payroll for your company and generate notices from the states when filings are completed. They can result in large penalties and interest payments if the rates in our systems are lower than those on record with the state.

Amendments to Prior Periods:

Historically, we have asked that you keep track of any states in need of amendments and approve these being completed. This resulted in human error of missed amendments and year end balancing issues. Many of you have seen the notice stating your W2s do not match your quarterly filings. These notices are almost always a result of amendments not being completed prior to the end of the year.

We have determined a way to automate the Amendment process. In May of 2023, we will be pulling amendment balancing files for all 4 quarters of 2022 and ensuring Federal filings are in balance. In addition to federal amendments, we will be reviewing any discrepancies by state to determine if amendments are required.

What does this mean for you?

  • Regardless of using our move wage feature or doing check corrections, you no longer have to notify when you have prior period updates. 
  • We will be completing amendment filings in months 3,6,9, and 12 throughout the year to capture prior period corrections.
  • Billing for amendments will continue to be accounted for on monthly invoices from TempWorks Software. If you have questions on amendment billing rates, please contact your Account Manager.

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