May 2023

May 2023 Newsletter

To Our Valued one Oak Customers:

We hope you are having a wonderful Spring season!

Our topics for this newsletter include:

  • Payroll:
  • Standard Payroll Deadlines
  • Accrual Best Practices
  • Jira Email Integration
  • Taxes:
  • Missing Account Information
  • Quarterly Packages

Lone Oak Payroll & Funding Client

Standard Payroll Deadlines:

The Lone Oak Payroll team is continuing to work with all payroll processing and funding clients on the company Standard Payroll DeadlinesThese deadlines are set for all payroll to be processed timely, accurately, and to ensure your reporting is correct. If you are not following these deadlines at this time a specialist will be setting up a meeting with you to help work towards the deadlines. 

The deadlines were created based on staffing industry best practices and we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to ask your specialist about deadlines!

Best Practices for setting up Accruals in Beyond & Enterprise:

Setting up accruals incorrectly can lead to many errors in payroll processing which can turn into costly mistakes. Here are a few common mistakes to be aware of...

  • When setting up the accrual it is important to review the "Allow Negative Balance" box and whether this should be checked. This box unchecked will pull an error for the payroll specialist to notify you that an employee is calculating a negative balance. This box unchecked in error can cause a delay in payroll processing. 
  • A step in setting up accruals is commonly missed. The accrual must be set up on the Customer or Assignment as well as the Employee Record. If not completely set up it will not show on the employee pay stub. 
  • The effective date of the accrual must always be backdated at least one week if you want it to be effective "immediately". This is because payroll is being processed for the previous week's hours worked and the system will want to pull in all accruals. If the date is not a backdated date prior to the payroll specialist processing it will delay payroll being processed.

Resources - 

Jira Email Integration (Update): 

Since the Payroll Team introduced the new email integration, we have received feedback on not having the ability to review the full thread of the email or the previous emails. We have taken this feedback very seriously and hope to have a solution rolled out in the next few weeks. We thank you for your patience during this transition!

Please continue to only email or for all requests. The team visibility to your requests will continue to make the turnaround time decrease. 


Missing Tax Account Information:

You may have noticed an increase in tax account information requests from the Tax Team as we have been working through cleaning up missing or incorrect information. 

In order to ensure that payments and tax returns are processed correctly, we have to have accurate account information for each jurisdiction you have tax liabilities in. Without the correct information on file there is a risk that:

  • Payments do not go through
  • Amounts are incorrect
  • Returns will not generate
  • Returns will be rejected
  • Possible incorrect tax returns filed 

In most situations this could lead to tax notices, penalties being assessed and a big headache. We do understand that there are times you may not even be aware you have tax liabilities in a new jurisdiction. This can be due to someone putting in the wrong worksite address on a job order, employees filling out their tax information incorrectly, etc...

How to stay ahead of this - 

  • It is imperative that when you start doing business in a new jurisdiction, you register for the appropriate tax accounts and send the information to the tax team at In most cases the tax team will be looking for the account ID, the filing frequency (withholding) and the tax rate (SUTA/PFML). 
  • Tax Deposit report can be ran weekly after closing the week. That is located in the tax administration reporting section. The Tax Deposit report will provide you with the total taxable wages and tax liabilities for the time period entered. Reviewing this report for new jurisdictions could be extremely helpful to avoid tax related issues in the future. 
  • If you see a jurisdiction that you don’t feel you should have tax liabilities in, you can get a head start in getting addresses and checks corrected. By getting these items corrected right away you will avoid having to pay for tax return amendments in the future. 

If you have any questions about your current tax account information, please contact the tax team at

Quarterly Packages

We have completed the Q1 2023 filings and are preparing the tax returns packages for you. Packages will be sent out by mid-May via email. 

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