Utilizing the First Data/Money Network Integration

Utilizing the First Data/Money Network Integration

TempWorks money network integration allows users to activate cards, update card number information, and view paycard history - making  paycard handling  a smooth and painless process.

*Note* This integration does require additional setup and an existing relationship with First Data/Money Network. For more information about getting this setup, and pricing inquiries, please contact your TempWorks Account Manager.


Navigate to the employee record you wish to add paycard information for, select pay setup (1.), electronic pay (2.) , activate electronic payments (3.), paycard account (4.):

*Note* Users will need specific security roles 'Can activate paycards' and 'Can Fund Pay Cards' in order to see all sections of the integration.

Enter the paycard account number and expiration date information (no prenote or verification is required). Once this is entered, select the update paycard button as shown:

*Note* If the 'Update Paycard Information' is not pushed, the account information will not be sent to Money Network (or whomever the API is communicating with).  This could also cause employees to not be able to access their funds because this card has not yet been assigned to Money Network's database.

After that button is selected, the 'update paycard information' box appears. Within this screen verify that everything is correct ( DOB, no P.O. Box, etc.): 

If an error occurs with the account information, the following error will populate:

Fund Paycards

Once a timecard has been created and payroll processed through for the employee, navigate to 'Manage Unfunded Paycards' within the payroll form of Pay/Bill:

From this section, users may view the employee record, review the check/transaction tied to the funds being added to the card, or refresh new card information that has been added from the pay setup section of the employee record.

Check the box next to the paycard(s) that you would like to fund and select 'Pay Now.'  This will allow the system to send the file to Money Network via TempWorks. Within the 'paycard history' section, users may review the funded amount and date it was posted to the account:

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