Sole Paycard

The SOLE Paycard allows employers to replace paper payroll checks with paycards that are funded through direct deposit. At no cost to you, your employees enjoy better resources and perks than a traditional bank account would give them. Employees have quick and easy access to online account information on SOLE’s website and through the SOLE Paycard app. SOLE rewards employers who reach 100% direct deposit by planting 100 trees in the company’s name, through the SOLE Paperless Trees Program.

*Note* Please work with a TempWorks representative if this integration is something you wish to incorporate into your system.

SOLE Paycard Setup

Within the employee record select pay setup (1.), electronic pay (2.). Once there, select the 'Activate Electronic Payments' box as shown (3.):

Enter the bank routing information in relation to the SOLE card routing account (1.), enter the paycard number given to you by SOLE for the employee (2.):

A Pre-note Approved date must be present in order for the export to extract the data. You may either manually enter in the pre-note date approved or have a pre-note configuration already in place within your system. 

Once this is complete, navigate to Pay/ Bill.  Within Pay/ Bill, select the actions menu and click Export:

This will open the export file wizard. From the 'select category' drop-down, select 'Paycard.' Proceed to 'select procedure,' where you will drop-down to ' SOLE Paycard Export' as shown here:

The parameters field will populate, enter the Start and End date range. This will pull any employees that have a Pre-note Approved date within the said date range. Once this is entered,  select ' Export File' shown below:

The file will pull all employees that have the following criteria within their direct deposit area:

  • RoutingNumber = 063192874 (SOLE paycard routing number)
  • Accounts that start with 073425400 

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