ADP-WOTC Integration


Users will have the ability to integrate with ADP through HRCenter to process WOTC forms and focus on receiving tax credits as a staffing company. Initial setup will be done by working with ADP as well as setting up the integration within HRCenter administration. Once the integration is complete, users will be able to review results within the employee record and obtain reports to ensure proper credits and savings are given.

In the following example, users can see the variety of steps you go through in order to process the WOTC information. While the WOTC process is quite extensive, this integration will help you with one of the very first steps, screening your new hires for the credits, and sending their data into the government to get your credit certified. This can be a difficult feat as a staffing company and this integration will alleviate that headache.

Integration Setup

A majority of the setup process, from export setup through the database to page creation within HRCenter, will be handled by TempWorks. Users will be responsible for obtaining their Screening Integration Credentials by working with ADP, running and uploading the exports, and adding the ADP page to an HRCenter workflow.

*Note* The initial process to begin the ADP integration will be done by working with ADP and your TempWorks Account Manager or Project Manager.

There will be three exports that TempWorks will setup: ADP WOTC location export, ADP WOTC New Hire export, ADP WOTC Payroll export.

Once these exports have been setup, users will need to initiate the exports to ADP by navigating to pay/bill> actions menu> export:

Within the export file window, users will choose ADP from the select category drop down and select the corresponding ADP exports. Notice all three files are visible within the drop-down. Each file will need to be exported individually each week and sent to ADP to ensure the information in the files are correct and updated. During initial setup after ADP has verified the exports, ADP will turn on the HRCenter module and send a notification e-mail to the user, in which case, the user will now be able to add the ADP-WOTC form to their workflow:


Running the Export Weekly

Each week the three above exports should be run and delivered to ADP:

Two important fields will display as parameters for each of your exports:

  • Weekend Bill Start Date: The date you would like to begin pulling data for your export.
  • Weekend Bill End Date: The weekend bill date for the week of your export.

All transactions with weekend dates that fall within the weekend bill start and end dates will be pulled into the export.

*Note* The week current week should be closed prior to running your export.

*Note* ADP will alert TempWorks of any errors with the exported files.

*Note*  During initial setup, users should NOT add the HRCenter form to their workflow until ADP has confirmed it is activated.

HRCenter Setup

TempWorks will create a page within the HRCenter administration section that will include the ADP URL and configuration information:

Users will be responsible for taking that ADP-WOTC page and incorporating it within the desired workflow/step of choice. Navigate to the workflow/step you wish to add the page to and select 'Edit.' In the following example, the ADP-WOTC page will be added as part of the application workflow  within the application step, select 'Edit':

Select the > icon on the bottom right hand corner of the Edit Step window:

On the next page, click the page(s) you wish to add to the workflow (in this case "ADP WOTC"). A green check mark will appear next to the page to confirm it has been added.  After selecting the pages you wish to add, click the > arrow on the bottom right hand corner of the window. After you have confirmed the pages are in the correct order of appearance, click the check mark icon to save your work. Now, any newly assigned workflow will have the page available for the applicant to complete:

*Note* If you are unable to access the administration section of HRCenter, please work with your management team or contact TempWorks support to gain access.

Interacting with the ADP Integration as an Applicant

Once the ADP-WOTC integration is added within a step of a workflow, applicants will have access to the tax credit survey. By selecting the link, applicants will be re-directed to the ADP website.

Applicants will select state, city, location and click 'Continue':

ADP will ask a series of questions such as personal information, age verification, address, previous employment, military experience, etc. 

Once the applicant is finished with the survey, the following screen will appear: 

The applicant will be taken back to the main HRCenter page where they will see that the WOTC form has been completed:

When the applicant has completed the tax credits portion of the survey, a message will be logged to their employee record, indicating they have completed the survey and displays the eligibility status (eligible or ineligible). 

*Note*The employee record will be updated with the appropriate WOTC Eligibility status when ADP logs a contact message for the employee's eligibility.

*Note* Any additional reporting related to the WOTC information can be obtained by contacting ADP.

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