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*Note* If you are interested in utilizing the Buzz app, please contact your TempWorks Account Manager.

The Homescreen for Buzz contains different cards of information. This article provides an overview of some of the main features on the homescreen of Buzz. Want to learn more about Buzz? check out What is Buzz

This Article Reviews Buzz: 

  1. Login
  2. Messages
  3. Current Assignments
  4. Recent Pay Statment
  5. Settings


Before viewing the Buzz homescreen, logging in is your first step. After you have downloaded the Buzz app, you will be prompted to add the pin code that has been sent to you.


After logging in for the first time with a pin, you will also have the option of signing in with your WebCenter credentials, located at the bottom of the screen:

Once you are signed in, you will see the Homescreen of the Buzz application:

There are three cards that show on the main screen: Messages, Current Assignments, & Recent Pay Statement.  


Messages contain the messages that are pulled from Enterprise that are created by employees of the staffing company. Keep in mind, these messages will concern less urgent matters. 

If you swipe the message to the right, it will mark the message as "read."

Click on 'View More' to view all of the messages that have been written for the employee(s).

*Note* Messages here are sent by logging messages in Enterprise or Beyond with the message action WebMessage for individual message or WebToEmployees for messages to all WebCenter and Buzz employees. 

Current Assignment

This card gives the details of the current assignment you are working. Click on the arrow to open the details of the assignment:

Google Maps is connected to this card. If you click on the address, Google Maps will open to show the location of the worksite. 

On the details page of the assignment, the shift, description of the assignment, dress code, and safety notes will be viewable. 

Recent Pay Statement

This card shows your most recent pay information in a snapshot:

For further details from past paychecks, click on 'VIEW PAST STATEMENTS':

In this section, you can scroll through all of your previous paychecks and view each one individually by clicking the arrow the right of a specific check. 

From the card, you can view your most recent check details. Select the 'Check #' in the top right corner of the card:

In the 'HOURS' section, you can see the Job Title, Assignment #, amount of Regular Hours, number of Overtime Hours, and number of Double Time Hours:

Under the 'PAY DETAILS' section, it will show you the adjustments for that specific check selected:


Settings are found by selecting the Person icon in the upper right of the home screen.  

Choose settings to see more options:

*Note* You must be logged into the Buzz app in order to see all settings options

  • Reset Pin - Use this option to reset your pin number to log in
  • Use Touch ID or Use Face ID - depending on your phone capabilities, you may have a toggle switch to turn on/off the option to sign in using Touch or Face ID functionality. 

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