Time Entry Tricks

Begin by selecting the timecards box to expand options and click "navigate to time entry" to access the time entry dashboard.

*Note* Save clicks by using the hot key combination of Alt+I to access the time entry dashboard. 

Tab Stops:

Utilize tab stops to key in time efficiently and effectively. Tab stops are columns in your time entry dashboard that are selected with a check box (reminder: you can customize what columns display in your time entry dashboard by right-clicking the column header and selecting/de-selecting from the list of options). By default, all users have "RT Hrs" and "OT Hrs" marked as tab stops. 

To key in time using tab stops, select your mouse into the first RT Hrs field you are ready to key in time for. 

Following the example image below, I would begin by selecting into the RT Hrs field for Joe Alaska. Then, after keying in the number of regular hours worked, select tab on your key board to be automatically graduated to the OT Hrs field for Joe Alaska. Selecting tab again will move the active field to the RT Hours field for Judy Almonds, and so on and so forth until time entry for that customer/group of timecards is complete. 

Tab stops are just one tool for keying in time efficiently in Enterprise. 

Key Combinations in Time Entry:

Below is a listing of popular time saving tricks that can be applied specifically in the time entry dashboard.

Time Saving TrickWhat it Does

Key Combination:

Alt + 1

 Brings users directly to the time entry dashboard.

Key Combination: 

Alt + A

 Opens a new "timecard adjustment" window (for the transaction that is highlighted):

Key Combination: 

Alt + C

 Creates a new duplicate timesheet (for the transaction that is highlighted).
10 Key Pad: +

 Changes the filter dropdown to "Employee Name" and jumps users to the "filter text" field:

10 Key Pad: *

 Changes the filter dropdown to "Customer Name" and jumps users to the "filter text" field:

10 Key Pad: / Opens the detailed timecard. Selecting / a second time will close the detailed timecard.

Drag & drop a column header

to group by that column

 Organizes items by the selected column header, allowing for subtotals by group:

Shift Key

 Holding down the shift key and selecting a column header will sort that column in an ascending or descending order.

  • Ascending: Sorts A-Z, 1-10, etc. Noted with the triangle icon. 
  • Descending: Sorts Z-A, 10-1, etc. Noted with the upside down triangle icon.
In this example, two columns are sorting - the (1.) customer column and the (2.) name column. 

*Note* The customer column is also currently dropped into the column header bar, so results are being grouped by this column as well.

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