How to Add Authorities

Adding Authorities

When entering a garnishment, you may find that the authority listed on the order is not available. If this is the case the authority needs to be added that to the list in that system. 

*Note- When creating authorities keep in mind what level of hierarchy this authority should be used for, for example if this authority is to be used system wide the user should be at level of hierarchy when creating that authority. If the authority should only be used for a specific entity, it should be created at the entity level and from within a branch selected that exists in that entity.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the Enterprise window, select 'all options (1.) then 'administration' (2.) from the pop-up menu. From here, select 'authorities (3.) from the main 'Administration' page.

Select the '+' icon (1.) in the upper right-hand corner of the authorities page to create your new authority. Enter in the party being paid the wage garnishments in the 'Authority  (2.) box. The remittance address information (3.) is where the garnishment wages are being sent.

By checking the 'Required Case Number' box (4.) Enterprise will require a case number associated with the garnishment wages and authority to be entered. The case number will be visible during the payroll run.  

If the authority would like to have funds sent to them electronically, select the 'Activate Electronic Payments' check box (5.) By doing this, it'll flag the authority in the payroll run and give you the opportunity to run as an ACH file rather than a live check. For help on how to setup electronic payments within authorities, go to: Setting up Electronic Payments

When you are finished with adding your new authority, you will need to refresh your hierarchy in order to use it. Enter the garnishment amount as normal and the new authority will appear in the drop-down list. 

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