Document Management and Searching

Quick Steps:

Upload a new document:

  1. Navigate to Employee Record you wish to add a document to
  2. Go to 'Documents' and select 'Upload New File' button in the upper right
  3. Select the folder icon and choose the saved resume
  4. Enter name of the document
  5. Select type of document via drop down
  6. Enter any additional details
  7. Click 'Save'

Search Documents:

  1. Go to the Employee File you want to search through
  2. Select 'search'
  3. Select 'Enhance Search'
  4. Choose 'Document' and select type, text, name, etc. to search from
  5. Enter Search Criteria
  6. Click 'Search'

Complete and Detailed Steps:

Enterprise allows for a truly paperless experience, as documents can be electronically stored within an employee record. This provides fast searching and easy access to files. Within this area documents can be attached, such as resumes, certifications, photographs, I-9 or W4 information and organized by category types. 

Uploading Documents:

Step 1: Navigate to the (1.) employee record you wish to upload the document(s) to and then select (2.) documents.  

*Note* When uploading a document to Enterprise it is important to verify that drives are mapped correctly in order to access the files saved to the users computer. Please work with you IT department to ensure that drives are mapped correctly to Enterprise. 

Step 2: Select the  icon in the upper right hand corner to open the upload new file window: 


Step 3: Click the file path icon () to select the file you wish to attach from the mapped drive. The attached document's file name will be displayed within the Name field of the "upload new file" window:

Step 4: Designate the type of document being uploaded from the "Type" drop-down menu. Selecting a document type allows for simple categorization and easy document searching. For example, selecting the type "Resume" will allow users to search on employee records who have resumes on file:


Once all additional information has been added, such as the expiration date and description, click 'Save'. Within the documents section the date and time of the document upload is visible:  

*Note* Saving a document type of Resume automatically updates the "Resume Received" and "Resume on File" boxes within the visifile, details area of an employee record. Once checked, the boxes allow users to filter by the "Has Resume" option within the employee enhanced search.

Interacting with Documents:

  • To Preview: Double-click the document to preview the resumeTo Email: Select the  icon; the document will automatically attach to the email window which appears
    • *Note* Email functionality must be setup prior to using the email capabilities
  • To Download: If a document has been attached to a record and you wish to save it to your computer, select the  iconTo Delete: Documents that have become invalid, or no longer need to be stored on the record can be removed by selecting the document and clicking the x icon

Searching Documents:

Searching on Document Type or Document Text will allow you to find candidates with the correct skills and experience for a job and ensure all paperwork is on file. Within the employee enhance search select the Document category. A list of fields will be displayed to choose what document information you would like to get out of the search results:

Use the Document Type drop-down and click "+Add" to designate which document(s) you will be searching for on the employee's record. In the following example, Federal I-9 was chosen, this will pull any employees with that document type on file. Choosing the "=" value will only look for Federal I-9 information:

Utilize the Search Text field to pull text out of resumes that are attached to employee records. This can be useful when looking for key words or skills such as Forklift, Word, Excel, Bilingual etc. Using connecting words like "Or" and "Near" will limit the number of search results found:

As results are returned, preview the document by right-clicking on the specific employee and selecting to Preview Resume:

Text words which were input within the search field will be highlighted throughout the document you are previewing: 

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