What is Buzz

What is Buzz?

Whether your employees are at home or on the go, TempWorks Buzz™ connects staffing agency employees to the information they need from your staffing agency. 

Buzz provides quick and easy access to check messages, view assignments and paychecks, and search for open positions directly from their smartphone or mobile device. Staffing agencies gain enhanced employee relationships and improved employee engagement while employees have convenient access to the information they need to succeed.

Key features for staffing agency employees include:
  • Geofencing and facial recognition attendance system
  • Viewing announcements and messages
  • Reviewing year-to-date paycheck information
  • Accessing current and previous assignments (including the
    work site address, shift hours, and dress code)
  • Performing searches for open positions
  • Viewing staffing agency branch information
  • Accessing an agency staff member via chat

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