Creating New Employee Records

Quick Steps: 

For Manual Entry:

  1. Hover mouse over 'employee' on the navigation tree and click the plus icon.
  2. Fill out information (first and last name are required fields).
  3. Click 'Save.'

For Resume Parser:

  1. Click on 'resume parser' (If you do not see the Resume Parser option in the bottom left, click 'all options' and find Resume Parser from the pop up window).
  2. Click the plus icon in the upper right.
  3. Select filer, folder, text, or staged resume options.
  4. Click on 'Select a File.'
  5. Find the folder or file you are uploading (based on your choice from step 3).
  6. Click 'Parse.'
  7. Review data parsed and make any necessary corrections.
  8. Click on the 'Create an Employee Record' icon in the upper right.

Complete and Detailed Steps:
When adding new employees to your Enterprise database, there are a few best practices you may want to keep in mind - we'll explore these below! 

*Note* It is recommended that you run a basic employee search before creating a new record as a way to prevent duplicate employees from being added. 

Manually Adding a New Employee

There are a few different methods for manually creating an employee record:

  • Hover your mouse over the employee bar in your navigation tree and click the (1.) + icon.
  • If you are already in the employee area click the (2.) + icon in the avatar area.

  • Click the (3.) e button in the upper left then (4.) hover over "new " and select (5.) employee.

  • If you prefer using a keyboard, utilize the hot key combination of alt+1.

Any of the options will open the "add new employee" window:

*Note* The  !  icons indicate required fields, meaning you must enter data into those fields.

The SSN:

  • SSN is not required on an employee record because, if you have contractor or direct hire candidates, you will not be paying the individual. 
  • If an invalid or duplicate SSN is entered, you will receive a  !  in front of the SSN field. If you hover your mouse over the !,  a pop up will indicate what is "wrong" with the number you have entered:

  • *Note* TempWorks will not allow:
    • Duplicate SSN's
    • SSN's with 00 as the 4th and 5th digits
    • SSN's which start with 9

First Name and Last Name:

  • It is recommended that the first name and last name be entered using proper capitalization because these will show on the employee's paychecks, w2s, and correspondence where their name has been merged into an email.

Phone Number:

  • For the phone field, it is recommended that you enter the primary phone number this employee uses. Many people no longer have home phones therefore this may be their cell phone number. Using the "main" phone number in this field will ensure you will see that phone number in ALL searches where this employee is returned in the results.


  • Instead on keying in the employee's resident city and state, tab through those fields and go right to the Zip Code. By keying in the employee's zip codes, their city will be on the drop-down list. Select their city from the drop-down list and it will auto-populate the corresponding city and state fields:

Tax Setup:

  • If you do not have the federal & state exemptions or marital status for this employee at the time you are initially entering their information, the exemptions will default to zero and the marital status will default to single (this will put the employee into the highest tax bracket). When you do receive their w-4 information, this data can be updated on the employee's pay setup form.

Configuration Alert! 

Address Standardization:

  • Address standardization is an option that can be set up in Enterprise. This is used to ensure an address that is entered or changed on an employee matches the US Postal Service records. 
  • With this configuration set to 'required,' users will have to select a check mark icon above the address before saving the record:
  • From here the user will be able to differentiate the submitted address from the standardized address by the USPS. If the configuration is set to 'enabled,' the user may keep the entered the submitted address before continuing:

-For more information or to turn this option on, reach out to TempWorks support.

Resume Parsing

If you have received a resume from a candidate, you can use that resume to automatically create the employee record in TempWorks. 

Step 1:

Save the resume to your computer. 

*Note* You may have a designated "shared drive" where you should save your resume. Please consult your administrator for details. 

Step 2:

From your navigational tree, select (1.) all options and (2.) resume parser.  


Step 3:

Once open, click the (3.) + button to select the resume(s) you have saved to your computer.

Once the resume(s) has been selected, click "parse" to open the parser and pull the resume into Enterprise.

The top of the "proof resume" form will display the resume, the bottom of the form is what Enterprise has recognized as the general, job, education, and skills information from the resume.

Verify or correct the information recognized in the parser. Save this resume as a new employee record by selecting the universal employee icon in the upper right hand corner. This will immediately navigate users to the newly created employee record.

*Note* Within the resume parser, there is a "Dup" column which will indicate if there is a potentially duplicate record already in Enterprise:

Hovering your mouse over your resume will display the record which TempWorks assumes is a potential duplicate.

*Note* When creating an employee record by parsing a resume, the resume will be attached as a document to the employee record.

*Note* When creating an employee record via the resume parser, within the pay setup page, the "pay setup complete" box will NOT be selected. This will then flag as a "proofing" error in the Enterprise Pay/Bill module.

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