Resume Management

Quick Steps:

Attach a Resume to an Existing Employee: 

  1. Save resume file on your computer
  2. Navigate to Employee Record you wish to attach a resume to
  3. Go to 'Documents' and select 'Upload New File' icon in the upper right
  4. Select the folder icon and choose the saved resume
  5. Enter name
  6. Set type to 'Resume'
  7. Enter any additional details
  8. Click 'Save'

Use Resume to Create New Employee Record: 

  1. Click on 'Resume Parser' (If you do not see Resume Parser option in the bottom left then click all options and find Resume Parser from the pop up window)
  2. Click the 'Plus' icon in the upper right
  3. Select file, folder, text or staged resume options
  4. Click on 'Select a File' icon
  5. Find the folder or file you are uploading (based on your choice from step 3)
  6. Click 'Parse'
  7. Review data parsed and make any necessary corrections
  8. Click on the 'create an employee record' icon in the upper right

Complete and Detailed Steps

Attach a Resume to an Existing Employee:

If an Employee already exists in your database, you can attach a resume to the existing record:

Step 1: Save the employee’s resume in your computer (or in a shared drive if using an RDP). Then navigate to the documents page of the employee's record

Step 2: Select the upload icon:

  • Using the folder icon, navigate to where the resume is stored in your computer:
  • Name: The document name will default to the name of the document but can be changed.
  • Type: Select the type from the drop-down list. Since this is a resume it should be typed as a "Resume". 
  • Version: Use the version field if there are multiple resumes to indicate what version this one is.
  • Expiration Date: This is an optional field and does not really pertain to resumes but, as it is searchable, can be used if desired.
  • Description: Although not necessary, a description of the resume may be added. 


Once the resume is attached to the employee record, it is accessible to any user who looks up this employee record.

Parse a Resume from Resume Parser:

New Employees can be added using the Resume Parser option

Step 1: Save the candidate’s resume in your computer or shared drive. Then, navigate to all options and select resume parser:

  • This will display all resumes which are currently in the process of being proofed and added to Enterprise:

Step 2:  To add a new resume, click the '+'  icon. This will open the resume parsing window:

Parsing Options:

  • File: To parse a single resume which has been save to your computer or shared drive of your computer
  • Folder: To parse a folder of resumes which have been saved to your computer or shared drive of your computer
  •  Text: To copy/paste a resume
  • Staged Resumes: To parse from the Document Uploader, documents must already be uploaded to the Uploader. Select 'Staged Resumes.' The Uploader may be in use if your company accesses TempWorks Enterprise via Remote Desktop.

Each of these options will allow you to attempt to parse skills, i.e. employee interest codes:

Once resume(s) have been selected, click the button to Parse the resume(s)

Proofing the Resume:

  • The top portion of this form will display the actual resume.
  • The bottom portion of this form will display what Enterprise has parsed.
    • Within the General, Jobs, Education and Skills tabs, users can make updates and corrections to what has been parsed by typing directly into fields, copy/pasting data from the resume, or by highlighting and then dragging and dropping data into fields. Any missing information (ex. perhaps the parser failed to parse an internship) can also be added via the plus icons within each tab. 
  • Once all information is verified click the employee avatar icon in the upper right hand corner to create the employee record
    • If the resume is flagged as being a duplicate of an existing employee record, an error will pop up when attempting to add the resume to Enterprise:
      • Select "Do not create employee" if this is, indeed, a duplicate.
      • Select "Continue creating employee" if this is a different Employee record.
      • Once Parsed, the resume will be attached to the Employee record in the Documents section
  • If this resume should be deleted after the parsing has begun, select the 'x' icon

Creating Employee Records En Masse:

If you have multiple resumes in the resume parser, employee records can be created en mass:

  • Step 1: From the resume parser/unproofed resumes dashboard, utilize the Ctrl or Shift key to highlight multiple resumes, then select the employee avatar icon in the upper right hand corner:  
  • This will open a popup where defaults can be set for all employee records being created:

  • Click Next and Finish to create an employee record for each record that was highlighted.

Parse a Resume from Email:

If you have your email inbox connected to Enterprise, resumes can be parsed directly from the incoming email:

  • Step 1: Navigate to your email inbox and highlight the email which includes the resume
    • The resumes will be displayed as an attachment within that email
  • Step 2: Right click on the attachment and select Parse Resume:

Parse a Resume from the TWOutlook Plugin:

Within the TempWorks Ribbon of Outlook select: 

  • Parse Email Text: This will parse information from the body of an email and create an employee record in Enterprise:
  • Parse Attachment: This will parse an email attachment to create an employee record:
  • If there are multiple attachments in an email, you will be asked to specify which file to parse:

The image below shows that when parsing from the TWOutlook Plugin, users are able to view and edit information similar to the resume parser in Enterprise. For instance, the tabs in the lower left area show that we can navigate to the Personal, Jobs, Education, and Skills tab of the parsed resume to view information and make any changes:

After selecting Save, a message box will verify that the resume has been parsed successfully and will provide you with an Employee ID number. After clicking OK, the employee record will now be visible in Enterprise:

Search for a Resume:

Resumes can be found through the employee enhanced search or the order candidate search:

  • Step 1: Navigate to either search and select the Document category:
  • Step 2: Set the Document Type to = Resume
    • In the Search Text area key in the word(s) you’d like to find within the Resumes:
  • Step 3: Once the search results are returned, right click on any employee name to Preview Resume:
    • The words which have been searched for will be highlighted in the Resume:
  • *Note* Enterprise uses Google to FTS Syntax Boolean when searching resumes:

Email a Resume from the Employee Record:

If you would like to present a resume to a client or prospect you can do so right from the employee’s record:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the documents page of the employee's record, then highlight the resume to be emailed and select the email icon:
    • This will launch an outgoing email with the Resume attached

Email a Resume from the Candidate Worksheet:

Resumes can also be sent from the order candidate worksheet:

  • Step 1: From the candidate worksheet click to highlight the employee(s) for whom you would like to email resumes, then select the icon:

  • Step 2: Select to send either the existing employee resumes or generate a resume from the data within the employee record:

*Note* If a candidate has more than one resume, users will be required to select the resume they'd like to send:

  • Step 3: Click Finish to send the resumes to the contact who is has the role of Supervisor on the order:

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