Employee Change Log Report

Employee Change Log

Purpose: This report is designed to show you all of the logged changes made to an employees record. This is a great report to see who changed or added information including an address, first name, or other personal details. The 'Updated by Rep' column is included in this report in order for you to follow up with them to see why they made the given change.

1. Start Date: The starting date updated of your desired date range.

2. End Date: The ending date updated of your desired date range.

3. Employee Name: Filters by a given employee based upon their name.

4. Group By: A list of different fields to group the data into on the report. Has the following options:

a. (no grouping)

b. Employee

c. Updated by Rep

5. Employee ID: Allows you to filter by a specified employee ID. 

6. Updated by Rep: Allows you to filter by a specific rep name to see what changes they've made.

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