Employee: The Assignment and Calendar Tabs

The Assignments Tab

In WebCenter, you can easily and quickly access and print your assignment information. This can be done by accessing the 'Assignments' tab located at the top of the screen. Alternatively, your current assignments will also be displayed under your to do list. 

*Note* Every WebCenter user is configured by your staffing company and you may notice differences between your experience and the screenshots displayed in this article.

Assignments can be filtered into three groups: All, Current, and Past. The assignment being viewed will be highlighted and its details will display on the right:

*Note* Based on your employer's specifications, you may or may not see all of the details of the assignment.

While viewing an assignment, additional details at the bottom of the form can be seen. Here, you can see the job description, contact information for your supervisor and to whom you should report and the directions to this assignment:

Job Description Tab

Contact Info Tab

Directions Tab

The Calendar Tab

If you would like to print your assignment(s), navigate to the 'Calendar' tab. Within the calendar tab, select the month and date which includes the start date of your assignment.

Click to place a check in the box for the assignment(s) you would like to view and/or print. 

*Note* Only one checkbox needs to be selected in order for that assignment to be found on the printed calendar: 

The details of each selected assignment will be listed below: Print your assignments by clicking to select Print Selected Assignments:

The printed version:

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