How to Transfer an Employee to a Different Branch

If an employee moves and wants their records to move with them to another branch within Enterprise, you can change the branch affiliation of the employee's record.
*Note - If another branch wants to "borrow" your employee to fill a position but their home branch will remain, do not transfer the employee to the other branch.

How to Determine an Employee's Branch:
The employee/details form will display the branch of the employee. Tempting as it might be, do not update the employee's branch by selecting a new branch from the drop-down within this details page.

How to Transfer an Employee to a Different Branch:

*Note - Verify the employee is currently not on an assignment prior to transferring them to a different branch.  

Step 1: Expand the employee actions menu and select "Transfer to another branch":

Step 2: The "employee branch transfer" window will open.  Select the new branch and hierarchy, and then save:

*Note - The branches and hierarchy displayed will be dependent upon the branches and hierarchy you, the user, is currently in as well as the branches and hierarchy levels tailored for your company.

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