Deactivate and Reactivate Employee Records

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For data integrity purposes, Enterprise does not allow users to truly "delete" employee records from the system. Instead, you are able to "deactivate" employee records to ensure that the employee does not show up in your everyday searches and reports.

Navigate to the visifile of the Employee record you wish to "deactivate". Looking within the Avatar section the  icon indicates this Employee is currently active.


Click the  icon to open the message window. Choose an action code that starts with "Deact" that fits the reason as to why you are deactivating the employee's record. Reasons for deactivation may include performance issues, no show, a failed application, terminated, deactivate and make hire status DNA. The message action drop down list is configurable within the administration section of TempWorks.

* Note- If the Employee currently has an open Assignment, the Assignment must be ended prior to logging the "Deact" message.

Once you have selected the appropriate action code, log a message with any further detail as to why you are deactivating the Employee's record and select Post. When a Deactivation Message is logged on the Employee record, the Deactivation date will also be populated within the details area of the record.

Looking back within the Avatar area the  icon is now dimmed out. Users will get a hard stop if they try to assign an inactive employee to an order. Users can look up deactivated employees by using the toggle button labeled "inactive" in the search area.

*Note - To reactivate an employee, simply log a new message on the employee record with the action code "react".

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