How to Correct Authority Checks

How to Correct Authority Checks
An instance may arise where an authority check may need to be corrected, such as an adjustment that was incorrectly set up, in these cases the below guide will walk you through the proper procedure to correct this.

When deciding whether to void or reverse the check consider the following:

Presuming the check was not cashed and having incorrect transactions, it should be voided. If the check was direct  deposit or cashed and the transactions were incorrect the check should be reversed.  Follow these steps when you need to correct and reissue an authority check: 

1. Before an authority check can be corrected the employees check must be corrected. Void and/or reverse the check for the employee whose adjustment is being paid to the authority you wish to make the correction for - here's an article on check corrections

2. Once the employee's check is corrected navigate to the employees record. Here the adjustment for the affected authority should be corrected as well. Reasons for correcting the adjustment may include but are not limited to: 

  • Changing the authority to whom the adjustment should be paid.
  • Changing the amount of the adjustment to be collected.
  • Deactivating the adjustment

3. Now that that the employee's check is corrected and the adjustments are properly accounted for, void and/or reverse the authority check following the same steps as you would when void/reversing an employee check:

4. By voiding the check the system inputs a negative transaction, duplicate the timecard to reprocess the corrected transaction. Once this is completed, navigate to proofing and finish by running payroll.  The new checks can be created for the employee and (if needed) the authority.

While processing the payroll run make sure that the new check has been adjusted correctly. 

Finishing this payroll run, you may now execute the authority check run. Within this check run you should observe the backed out transaction as well as the new transaction. Note sure how to process authority checks , visit How to Complete Authority Check Runs 


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