Enterprise - Using Contact Roles with Orders

 What is a Contact Role?

Contact roles take company contacts and assign them a role such as 'Hiring Manager' or 'HR Coordinator' to make it easier to know who to contact for what kind of information. From the customer record, a contact role can be defaulted onto an order for easy access to their contact information. This is especially helpful when an employee is going to be late or absent. 

Enterprise allows you to add contact roles to Customers, Departments, and Orders. The contact role information is found on the Details page for each of these record types. 

How to Assign a Contact Role Default for Customer Orders
*Note* To assign a contact role, you must first have your contacts for a company added under the contacts section. For more information on contact records, check out How to Add a Contact to a Customer vs. How to Add a Contact Role
  1. Navigate to the Customer Record
  2. Select Details
  3. Under Contact Roles, select the Pencil Icon
  4. Select a contact
  5. Find the available role and click the + to assign the contact role
  6. To apply Contact roles to all Departments, Orders, or both: Under apply changes section, use the drop down to change which level the contact role will default to. 
    • Only the Customer: the changes will only apply to this Customer. It will not carry down into the orders and Assignments.
    • This Customer and its Orders: the changes will apply to the Customer Record and the Orders that have been created and future Orders that will be created. 
    • This Customer and its Departments: the changes will apply only to the Customer Record and the Customers Departments that have been created and anything that is created in the future as far as Departments for that Customer. The Contact Roles will not carry through onto the Orders. 
    • All Departments and Orders: means that these changes will apply to all Departments and Orders both previously created and any future Orders or Departments that may be added to this particular Customer Record.
  7. Click save to finish

To Remove a Contact Role Default

Navigate to the customer record details page and click the pencil icon next to Contact Roles. 

Select the contact role you wish to remove under assigned contact roles and click the X icon in the upper right

Click save to save your changes.  

To Add a Contact Role to a Specific Order

If you want a contact role for just a specific order, you can add and edit contact roles for that order without changing the defaults for other orders.

Navigate to the order details screen. Contacts is a section on the right side of the page. Click the pencil icon to edit the contacts. 

A new window will pop open titled Order Contacts

Here you can select a contact from the drop down or click the plus sign to add a new contact. Then find the contact role you wish to assign and click the plus sign next to it. The contact will then appear in the assigned contact roles section

Click save to save your changes. 

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