How to Apply Customer Contact Roles to Departments and Orders

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When assigning Contact Roles to Contacts on a Customer, the user will first need to navigate to the particular Customer Record they are working on. On the Details area of the Customer Record there is an area on the bottom left and of the screen titled Contact Roles. This is where the specific Roles for specific Contacts on the record are set up.

To Manage Contact Roles, simply click on the pencil to the right of the Contact Roles.

After clicking on the Pencil, a screen will appear that says Customer Contact.

From here you can choose the Contact that needs a Contact Role assigned to them by clicking on the dropdown menu under Contact.

Note: Contacts need to be set up on the Customer Record before Contact Roles can be assigned to the Contact.

Once the correct Contact is chosen, simply add a Contact Role by clicking the plus button next to the Available Role. This will move the Contact and their new Contact Role over to the Assigned Contact Role area on the right hand side of the Customer Contacts screen.

Note: If the wrong Contact Role is chosen, simply click on the Contact in the Assigned Contact Roles and click X in the right hand corner. This will remove them from the Assigned Contact Roles list.

To apply that Contact Role to all Departments, all Orders, or all Departments and Orders. Navigate to the Apply Changes and from the dropdown list the user has the ability to choose where they would like the Contact Roles applied to.

  • Only the Customer: the changes will only apply to this Customer. It will not carry down into the orders and Assignments.
  • This Customer and its Orders: the changes will apply to the Customer Record and the Orders that have been created and future Orders that will be created.
  • This Customer and its Departments: the changes will apply only to the Customer Record and the Customers Departments that have been created and anything that is created in the future as far as Departments for that Customer. The Contact Roles will not carry through onto the Orders.
  • All Departments and Orders: means that these changes will apply to all Departments and Orders both previously created and any future Orders or Departments that may be added to this particular Customer Record.

Finally, once all the correct Contact Roles have been assigned, click save on the bottom right hand of the Customer Contacts screen. This will apply the changes made throughout the Customer Record, any Departments, any Orders, or all Departments and Orders that are effected.

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