Beyond: How to Log In

How to Log in to Beyond

 Beyond is a browser-based platform which is designed to be easily accessed by utilizing your favorite browser on your favorite device. This versatility offers you access to your database anywhere, anytime.

This article is designed to be a step by step guide to  getting a user logged into Beyond.

Begin by opening your preferred internet browser and navigating to in your web browser search bar:

Supported Platforms
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari – Latest two major versions
  • Edge - Only the latest major version

*Note*  Internet Explorer is not a supported browser for Beyond.

You will now see a login screen where you can insert your credentials.

Enter your username and password. You do not need to enter host\ prior to your username. For example, if you log into Enterprise by entering host\john.doe, for Beyond you simply need to enter john.doe as your username. 

*Note* If you do not remember your password and username, contact your internal administrator.

That's it! After successfully logging in, users will be brought to the Beyond homescreen:

Two-Step Authentication

Some systems may be configured to utilize a two-step authentication process. The process functions on the premise that two things are needed to login:

  • Credentials
  • Permission from a secondary source

If this is the case for your database, follow the guide below to continue the process of logging in.

After inputting your credentials, select the 'Login' button. This will redirect you to the two-step authentication screen:

Options for two-step include:

  • Duo push notification (with the mobile app Duos)
  • Phone Call
  • Texted Passcode

Each of these methods will require you to have a mobile device setup.

If a push notification is sent through the Duos app, the user will be notified and will be able to approve or reject the request for permission

To approve open the app:

Select 'Tempworks Software':

Then select 'Approve':

Phone Call

If this method is selected your registered device will be contacted via phone call and you will be prompted to "Press any key on your device to continue":

Text Message

If selected a series of passcodes will be sent to the registered device.

*Note* Only one passcode needs be entered:

Input a passcode and press 'Log In' to enter Beyond.

*Note* If no codes are received, you may attempt to send new passcodes to your mobile device by selecting 'Text me new codes.'

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