The Service Rep's Process

HRCenter - The Applicant Perspective:

HRCenter - The Service Rep Perspective:

The Service Rep Perspective:

Step 1:

As a Service Rep, begin by navigating to HRCenter in Enterprise via all options > hrcenter.

From the dropdown, select the (1.) Workflow you would like to review.

This will then display each step in separate (2.) blocks.

Step 2:

After you select the step you would like to open, you will need to specify which stage of the applicant process you would like to review.

  1. Total Applicants: Will display all applicants, despite the stage of the application they are in.
  2. Not yet Started: Those who have completed the initial registration but have not completed anything/entered any information within the step.
  3. In Progress: Those who have entered in at least one piece of information within a step, but have not yet submitted the step.
  4. Submitted: Those who completed the step and have submitted it for a Service Rep's review.

Step 3:

After selecting a stage to review, you will be brought into the Applicant search page of HRCenter. This will display all applicants that belong to the stage you selected. Users can further drill into the search results via the options across the top--such as Name (first and last), SSN, Branch, Current Step Status, username, etc.

Simply double click an individual search result to review the applicant details.

Step 4:

Do you want to know what answers the Employee gave during the application? Simply double click any page to (1.) review the completed answers.

The answer summary page will open to reveal the results, in our example we are reviewing the Work History answers:

Scenario A: We are not ready to advance this candidate to the next step.

  • After reviewing the application, if you see the candidate was not very thorough and/or they missed pieces of information that you would like them to complete before advancing them to the next step, you can choose to (2.) unlock the application, allowing the candidate to edit and re-submit the application.
    • Note that forms (like the W4, I-9, etc.) cannot be unlocked. They must be assigned as new pages to the Employee. Please see Steps 9 and 10 for instructions.
  • After reviewing the application, if you do not want to move the candidate to the next step, you may leave them in the submitted group of the application step, or (4.) reject them by right-clicking their row in the HRCenter search page:

You may also reject the applicant by double-clicking their individual name, which brings you to the details section of the HRCenter dashboard.  With Application Step highlighted, select the reject button as shown:

This will remove them from the total tally of applicants in HRCenter while also leaving their Employee record as active and washed status as Web Applicant.

Scenario B: We are ready to advance this candidate to the next step!

Awesome! Once you are ready for them to complete your onboarding process simply select (3.) Continue on to Onboarding and the next time they login with their username and password all of your forms (like the federal W-4 and I-9 for example) will be there waiting for them.

Step 5:

Please see Step 2 covered earlier in this document

Step 6:

Please see Step 3 and Step 4 if you'd like a refresher on instructions.

Step 7:

Any forms that do not require a Service Rep signature have already been saved to the Documents section of the Employee's record as soon as they selected submit from HRCenter (they are even time and date stamped!).

The I-9 however will require that a Service Rep signature before it can be saved to the Employee's record.

Select (1.) Review and Sign. You will then be asked to complete Section 2. Employer or Authorized Representative Review and Verification just as you do on paper, listing document info in List A or List B and C.

Note that there are required fields within the Certification section.

Once done, scroll down to the bottom right corner of the window and select save and continue.

Depending on your company's HRCenter configuration, you may be required to attach documents (these should be the same documents you listed in List A or List B and C):

Next, select save and continue again. You will be asked to electronically sign your name and then you are good to go! The I-9 is immediately stored safely in the Employee's record, electronically signed by both parties, and time & date stamped.

Step 8:

For example, what if an Employee wants to change their exemptions? What if they get married and legally change their name? There are all sorts of situations where an employee may need to recomplete a form.

Step 9:

Scenario A: I need to assign a new Workflow:

For when you have an Employee that needs to complete a new application or reapply all over again.

Remember that Workflow means it contains multiple steps like "Application" and "Onboarding"

Scenario B: I need to assign an Additional HRCenter Page:

For when you have an Employee that just needs to submit a new W-4 form.

Remember that a Page is just one piece of a step--for example, "Work History" is a page of the Application, and the "Federal W-4" is a page of Onboarding. Make sense?

Either way, to assign a new Workflow or Page...

Step 10:

Simply select Assign Additional HRCenter Pages/ Assign HRCenter Workflow from the Employee actions menu and specify which page/workflow you would like them to complete.

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