How to Create a Direct Hire Invoice

Processing a direct hire invoice is seamless once the order and assignment creation is completed within Enterprise. Users may navigate to the order or assignment to ensure proper details have been entered  before processing the invoice.

While previewing the assignment users can verify the start date, status (hired perm), and direct hire fees. Within the financial details section it is important to verify the fee start date has been added and that it falls within the current weekend bill. This will ensure the transaction is pulled in properly when you're ready to process the direct hire invoice. 

*Note* Customer fees may be broken out into several transactions within the assignment based upon the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Once the direct hire fee has been added to the assignment, users will need to approve the fee within time entry in order to create the direct hire invoice.

Navigate to pay/bill (1.), time entry (2.). Within  time entry locate the transaction, double-click on the line item to open the Detailed Timecard. The adjustment tab (3.) displays the one-time fee that was placed within the financial details section from the assignment. 

The fee will automatically have an invoice hold code of "A" (adjustment review required). To remove the hold code navigate to the overrides tab. To approve this fee for invoicing, highlight and delete the invoice hold code (A). Once the code is removed, the transaction can be pulled into an invoice run. Users may process the invoice individually at the time of approval, or pull the transactions with all other invoicing. 

*Note* The adjustment will be pulled into time entry when the create timecards from assignments option is chosen. Move to the proofing stage to ensure no errors were found before processing the invoice. Within the proofing section choose the proof transactions option.


Locate your proofing session and select next.

Verify that everything looks correct with the transaction, users may go back to the transaction within time entry if needed. Once the error checking process is completed close the proofing session to pull it into an invoice run. 

Select the Invoicing (1.) start or continue an invoice run option(2.) to process the invoice for this client. 

Enter in the invoice date and run type to begin the invoice process. 

Once setup is complete, users may filter by a multitude of options to pull the transactions into the invoice run. In the following example it is sorted by session.

Once the invoice calculation is completed, navigate to the invoice created to view the Direct Hire fee. 

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