How to Log in to TempWorks From a Mac

These directions assume the following:

♦ Your computer is Running Mac OSX 10.7 or newer

♦ You know your TempWorks issued login 

♦ You know your TempWorks issued server address  (

♦ You have the official Microsoft Remote Desktop application installed from the App Store:

*Note- TempWorks does not officially support Mac’s as a preferred device when accessing enterprise through

Step 1:

If you do not already have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed please install it from the App Store using the above link.

Please note that the Microsoft Remote Desktop:  

is a different application than the older Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac:  

Step 2: 

Locate and run the (1.) Microsoft Remote Desktop from your applications folder.

Step 3: 

Click on the remote resources icon 

Step 4: 

Enter your TempWorks issued address, username and password, then click 'Refresh'.

*Note- Be sure to include the 'HOST\' domain name before your username as pictured.

Step 5:  

Close the Remote Resources window and you should see the TempWorks Enterprise application in the Remote Resources list. Double-click to execute.

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