Assignment Adjustments

The Assignment Adjustment System allows you to set up recurring reimbursement adjustments at the order or assignment level that will flow through to related timecards. Setting up an adjustment at the order or assignment level means that the only thing you will need to enter on the timecard will be the number of units.

Within the order and assignment records, you will find the (1) adjustments tab. From there, select the (2) '+' icon to create a new adjustment shown: 

Within the manage adjustment window, select the adjustment you wish to add and enter the default pay/bill rate information:

Pay Codes

The pay code on the assignment adjustment is used to specify which type of timecard this adjustment should appear on. If the pay code is left blank it will appear on any timecard from this assignment, regardless of the pay code. You can only apply one adjustment type to a pay code, as they cannot overlap in the system. If an adjustment is entered with no pay code, it is treated the same as entering it for all pay codes.

*Note* Adjustments added on the order will only flow into newly created assignments. Once an assignment is created, the adjustments for that assignment can be edited on that assignment directly. 

In the following example, mileage, per diem, and holiday per diem have been added at the order level:

Here, the mileage and per diem adjustments have been added at the assignment level:

Time Entry

Another option is to add an adjustment to a timecard.

*Note* This is recommended for when you wish to add an adjustment that should not occur on a regular, ongoing basis.

Within time entry, navigate to the (1) timecard of choice, double-click the timecard to open up the detailed timecard. Select (2) adjustments:

The adjustments tab lists the adjustments that were pulled from the assignment of this employee. Enter the number of units in this section for the said adjustment.

*Note* On the weeks when the adjustment shouldn't be applied, you may leave the units to 0.  You may also edit or adjust the pay and bill rates within this tab if necessary.

Once the units have been entered, the system will generate the related adjustment on the timecard. It will appear under the normal timecard adjustments area and will be removed from the list of assignment adjustments.

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