Buzz - Live Chat

Getting Started

Live chat allows employees to live chat your staffing specialists.

To take advantage of this software feature, you must have access to both  BuzzTM and BeyondTM . If you are not sure if you have this functionality or are interested in learning more, talk to your TempWorks account manager today! 

For initial set up of the chat functionality in Buzz, you must contact your account manager.  

Want to learn more about Buzz? check out What is Buzz

Steps to utilizing live chat:

  1. Turn on Live Chat
  2. Initiate Chat
  3. Accept Chat
  4. Ending a Chat Session

Step 1: Turn on Live Chat

In order for your employees to be able to chat with your staffing specialists, the recruiter must first mark themselves as available to chat. 

To mark yourself available:

  1. Log into Beyond
  2. Select Live Chat in the upper right:  
  3. Click on the toggle to turn on live chat:

Step 2: Initiating a Chat Session

Chat sessions can be started by the employee or by the recruiter. 

Employee Initiates Chat

Employees will be able to log into Buzz and select the chat option along the bottom:

From here they will see their staffing specialist, if they are available. 

In order for an employee to be able to see you as an option to chat, you, as the recruiter, must be set as that employee’s staffing specialist.

To find staffing specialist information:

  1. Navigate to an employee record
  2. Click on the details tab and scroll down to the hiring card
  3. Select the Pencil button to update this field:

Once they select the specialist's name, the recruiter will be alerted at the bottom of the screen in Beyond:

Recruiter Initiates Chat

Any recruiter can initiate a chat with with any employee, regardless of if they are set as the employee's staffing specialist. 

  1. In Beyond, navigate to the employee record you wish to chat with
  2. Select the Chat Charm:  
  3. A new chat window will appear. Enter the initial message to invite: 
  4.  The employee will receive a notification (as long as they have notifications enabled) to chat  

Step 3: Accepting the Chat

Recruiters will need to accept the chat if the employee initiates the conversation. If the recruiter initiates the conversation, the employee will be notified and will be brought to the chat once they open the app. 

Recruiter Accepting Chat

Once an employee initiates a chat, a request is sent to the staffing specialist. They will be able to accept or deny the chat:

Once the staffing specialist has accepted the chat, the employee and staff will be able to chat back and forth.

Staffing Specialist View: 

Employee's View:   

Step 4: Ending a Chat Session

Once you are done chatting, the recruiter can close out the chat box to end the conversation: 

A warning message will pop up to ask if you are sure you want to end the conversation.  Select yes to save and end:

A message will be logged on the employee's file with the chat log details:

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