Essential StaffCare Integration

Essential StaffCare Integration

Essential StaffCare (ESC) is a health insurance and benefits package program for temporary employees within the staffing industry.  Users will have the ability to incorporate ESC within HRCenter to collect health benefit information.  This document will walk users through the processes and responsibilities when working with ESC as well as TempWorks.

Integration Setup
A majority of the setup process will be handled by TempWorks. This includes export/import setup, HRCenter page creation, and ESC adjustments added within administration. Users will be responsible for obtaining the user name and password from ESC and sending that information to TempWorks, adding the ESC page to the HRCenter workflow, and running the export and imports.
*Note* The initial process to begin utilizing ESC will be done by working with ESC and your TempWorks Account Manager or Project Manager.

HRCenter Setup
TempWorks will create a page within the HRCenter Administration module that will include the ESC URLs and configuration information:

Users will be responsible for taking that  ESC page and incorporating it within the desired workflow/step  of choice. Navigate to the workflow/step you wish to add the page to, select 'Edit.' In the following example, the ESC page will be added as part of the 'Application for Employment' workflow. Within the onboarding step, select 'Edit':

Next, select the > icon on the bottom right hand corner of the edit step window:

On the next page, click the page(s) you wish to add to the workflow (in this case, Essential StaffCare). A green check mark will appear next to the page to confirm it has been added.  After selecting the pages you wish to add, click the > arrow on the bottom right hand corner of the window. After you have confirmed the pages are in the correct order of appearance, click the check mark icon to save your work.  Now, any newly assigned workflow will have the page available for the applicant to fill out:

*Note* If you are unable to access the Administration Module of HRCenter, please work with your management team or contact TempWorks Support for assistance.
Once ESC has been added within the step of a workflow, all new hires will have access to the link to complete the survey and opt into which benefits package will work best for them:

New hires will review the benefit guide and complete the enrollment form:

Simultaneously when the employee submits the information, a message will be logged to their record: 

Once a week before payroll is processed, ESC will send an import file to users that contains new adjustments and changes. The import will automatically add the allocated adjustments to the correct employee records. To run the import, navigate to  (1.) pay/bill, expand the (2.) actions menu, and select (3) import:

Within the file import window, users will choose the 'ESC Import' from the 'select import' drop-down menu. Next, select the file ESC has sent (saved to your local machine) and 'Import File.' When the import is completed, the file import window will close indicating the import was successful. Users may run the 'Employee Adjustment Setup Change Log' report to review all updates to the setup adjustments:

Once the file is imported users will now be able to run payroll. A helpful report to verify the adjustments were deducted correctly is the 'Employee Adjustments' report. This will list out all adjustments processed on employee checks.

After payroll has been completed, users will need to run the ESC export using weekend bill date and send the file to ESC. The export file will include pay history data and indicate how many adjustments were taken on each employee's check as well as amounts. Navigate to (1.) pay/bill, expand the (2.) actions menu, and select (3.) export:

From the export file window choose 'Essential Staffcare' from the select category drop-down and 'Essential Staffcare Export' as the procedure. Enter the start and end date parameters (weekend bill). Once this information is entered, select to 'Export File.' This file will need to be sent back to ESC:

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