Branding HRCenter

Branding of TempWorks’ HRCenter & Job Board is where we integrate images of your company’s logo throughout the modules.  The following is a visual guide to both image locations and specifications to assist you in making your logo decisions.

Small Application Page Image  


The splash screen is the first screen a user will see when accessing your online application.   This logo will be visible to the applicant throughout their application.  Highlighted in red is where your company logo will be placed.

*Note - Please be aware that the Apply Now links on the HRCenter Application splash screen are stationary.  So, when choosing the image for your HRCenter note that the image will not overlap, but will be above that area.

Branding Company Large Logo

520x130 PNG

The large logo is an optional logo. If nothing new is uploaded for that image then nothing will display in its spot. The large logo will show above the Apply Now text. 

*Note – The small logo in the upper left will always be displayed along with the large logo.

Branding Favicon

16 x 16px

This image will appear on the tab of the internet page when a user is logging in or has logged into TempWorks HRCenter (and in WebCenter’s Employee/Customer Portal).

*Note - Please note that the overall theme (color) can be changed by providing TempWorks with your desired Hex Code IDs.

Job Board

200 x 40px

Your Job Board will also be branded. 

*Note - The ribbon color can be changed from the blue color that is displayed by providing to TempWorks your Hex Code ID.

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