Vendor: How to Add and Submit Employees

This article is an expanded view of employees within the vendor portal of WebCenter. For more information about how to interact with the portal check out Vendor: Vendor Management Portal.

*Note*  This article is written from the point of view of a vendor. It is a generic look at the portal, therefore, it may contain topics your company does not offer to your vendors. Each TempWorks client who subscribes to it will have a WebCenter portal that can be accessed by the client's vendor.  

How to Add Employees: 

When you are ready to submit one of your employees to an order, the first step is to add that employee in WebCenter. Begin by navigating to the (1.) employees tab. Once there, users can select to either (2.) upload a resume or  (3.) manually enter a new employee:

Selecting to (2.) upload a resume will open the Add New Employee window: 

By uploading a resume, the system will parse the details into the respective categories.

Once the resume has been parsed, click 'Create Employee'.

If you choose the (3.) manually enter the information, the Add New Employee form will appear:

Regardless of how you enter the employee, the details will be displayed in the (1.) Employees section of WebCenter:

If any information needs to be edited in these categories, click 'Edit This Info'.

How to Submit Employees to an Order: 

To submit employees to an order, begin by navigating to the (4.) 'Orders' tab within WebCenter. 

Selecting the (5.) details icon will expand additional information related to the job order, including the (6.) Add/Edit Employees button:

In the Add/Edit Employees form select which employees you would like to add by checking the box next to the employee's name. Similarly, employees can be removed by clicking the 'x' icon:

*Trainer's Tip* For Vendor's that are working with a large number of Employees, know that you may drill down into the Employees that are displaying by selecting any of the letters across the top. This will then display only the Employee's that have a last name beginning with that letter. In our example, when selecting "H", Joyce Hudson displays:

Additionally, you may also search for employee's by name in the search by name field. 

Done making your selections? Select save and close to finalize: 

When candidates are added, their name, status, and the date they were added will display in the candidates section of the order details. The candidate's status will default to VCandidate (Vendor Candidate). If/when their status is updated by a recruiter, an email notification is sent to your email address (the address you have associated with your WebCenter login) and the (7.) updated status will display in WebCenter immediately. 

Once a status has been updated from VCandidate, you will have the ability to update the candidate's status as needed throughout the interview/hiring process. Just as you are notified of any status changes via e-mail, your main point of contact (i.e. recruiter, account manager, etc.), will receive an e-mail notification anytime a Candidate's status is updated from WebCenter.

Email Notification Details:

To verify that you are setup to receive these automatic notifications, navigate to the (8.) My Information section of WebCenter and verify the Notification (9.) UpdateCandidateStatus is checked.

Following the example we've been working with, below is an example of what that email notification will look like:

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