How to Merge Invoices

When you have separate invoices that need to be combined, you have the option to merge the invoices together.

Before You Merge:

Know that the main purpose of the functionality associated with merging invoices is so that your Customer can see the total owed balance of multiple invoices in one invoice, as you intended. However, it is important to note that this merge process does not erase or delete any original invoice details. 

For example, let's say I have three invoices that I want to combine:

InvoiceBalanceParent Invoice #1233$500Invoice #1234$200Invoice #1235$300

When we merge invoice #1234 and invoice #1235 with the parent invoice #1233:

InvoiceBalanceNEW Merged Parent Invoice #1233$1,000

Post-Merge if you searched the invoice register you would still find Invoice #1234 with a balance of $200 and Invoice #1235 with a balance of $300. 

See? The historical data remains the same; we are simply updating the way the parent invoice will display for the customer. Following this logic, when the Customer sends a payment for invoice #1233, you will apply the payments to invoice #1233, #1234, and #1235 individually. 

To Merge Invoices: 

To begin, start by navigating to the invoice's detail page. Once there, expand the (1.) actions menu and select to (2.) merge the invoice. 

This will open the merge invoices wizard: 

On the start screen, select an (3.) invoice number option--you can either continue using the parent/original invoice number or assign a new invoice number. After making your selection, click next.


Utilize the search options within the (4.) find invoices option to locate the invoices you would like to merge with the parent invoice. From the (5.) mergable invoices table, select one or multiple invoices to merge. You will also have the option to view any invoices within the table, (perhaps to verify that you are selecting the correct invoice(s) to merge) by selecting the (6.) magnifying glass. 

Once you are done making your selections, click next. 

This final page of the merge invoices wizard will allow you to (7.) view the merged invoice details, or (8.) print preview the newly merged invoice. Or if you are done, simply select finish. 

(7.) Merged Invoice Details:By navigating to the newly merged invoice we see the (9.) original/parent invoice number displays in the invoice details.


There will always be a history of which invoices have been merged to the parent within the (10.) extended invoice details. From here, you can view the (11.) merged invoices. Furthermore, you will be able to unmerge any invoices by selecting the (12.) x icon. 

Post-Merge Things to Know:  

The invoices that were merged to the parent are still in your system. In our example, I merged invoice 45205 with the parent invoice 45246, when we navigate to invoice 45205 you'll see we can still (13.) preview, print, email, edit and even void the invoice. 

When paying the merged invoice balance, you will still apply the payments to each invoice's original number. Following our example, when in the invoice payments wizard each invoice that was merged to 45246 displays with its individual balance and must also be paid individually. 

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