Rapid Paycards

What is Our Rapid! Paycard® Integration?

TempWorks Enterprise™ and Beyond™ both integrate with Rapid! Paycard  to activate and register paycard information for your employees without ever having to leave the software. 

How to Setup the Rapid Paycard Integration:

Talk to a TempWorks Representative today to get started! 

How to Use the Rapid Paycard Integration:

Rapid paycards integrate seamlessly with our Enterprise and Beyond systems. 

To Activate a Paycard: 

  1. Navigate to the employee record you wish to add a paycard to
  2. Select Employee Pay Setup > Electronic Pay
  3. Enter the routing number with the Rapid prefix 
  4. Enter the card's account number
  5. Select save

*Note* Rapid paycards can take up to an hour to activate on their network. 

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