Washed Status

What is a Washed Status?

The washed status is utilized to indicate whether an employee can be placed on assignment; this is normally dependent not only on how they were entered into the system, but how comfortable you are with placing them in a position.

How to Find It:

Navigate to the employee record (1.), details (2.), hiring Information (3.), washed status (4.). 

Default Washed Statuses

  • If an employee record is manually created in Enterprise, its washed status will default to familiar
  • If an employee record is created by parsing a resume, it will, by default, have a washed status of unfamiliar
  • If an employee record is created through an online application, it will have a washed status of web applicant by default. 
  • Employees rejected as a result of incorrect response(s) to survey questions within the online application will have a Washed status of rejected applicant  
*Note* An employee's hire status is not affected by the washed status option chosen.

When assigning an employee to an order, assignment restrictions will display to notify you of any items that need attention on the employee record. The washed status must be set to familiar in order for the employee to be placed on an assignment. 

You may receive a hard stop represented by a stop sign with a message indicating the employee status is unwashed, please verify employee details, update their washed status and save the record to continue.  

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