How to Assign an Employee to an Order

There are several ways in TempWorks Enterprise to assign an employee to an order.  This makes the process quick and easy.

Order/actions/create new assignment:

If you already know who will be assigned:

Once your order has been entered into TempWorks Enterprise, from any form within the order, click on the actions button. Select create new assignment.

Look up the employee to be assigned by last name, first name, Aident (TempWorks generated employee id number), or last 4 digits of the employee's social security number:

You can also utilize the paged combo box to narrow down employees in your search results.  For example, you can specify to only see unassigned/assigned employees or employees from a specific branch.  You can also add columns to your search you wish to view by selecting the check box.

For those who prefer using keyboard shortcuts, use the short cut of alt+4 to bring up the same form:

Order/actions/assign last employee viewed to this order -OR- Employee/action/create assignment for *customer name, department*:

Use this option if you know who you want to assign and you just looked at their employee record in TempWorks Enterprise.  An example would be:  during  your efforts to find someone to place on the order, your perfect candidate calls in.  You navigate to that employee's record.  Now, TempWorks knows the last person you viewed and the last order you viewed.

For this scenario, you have 2 options:

1. Assign from the order:From the order, select the actions button and select assign *employee* to this order.  This will display the name of the last employee viewed in TempWorks:

2. Assign from the employee:From the employee, select the actions button and select create assignment for *customer name, department* of the last order viewed in TempWorks:

Assign from the Candidate Worksheet:

The candidate worksheet allows you to put together a call list for the order you are working on.  If you are using the candidate worksheet to manage your recruiting efforts, you can assign your employee from that worksheet.

Navigate to the order/candidate worksheet.  There are 3 options from the candidate worksheet.

1. Click to highlight the candidate and assign by clicking the assign button (1.) in the upper right.

2. Right click on the candidate and select assign employee (2.).

3. Use the keyboard shortcut of ctrl+H.

*Note* Using any of the methods from the candidate worksheet you can assign multiple Employees at the same time by using your shift or control key and clicking to highlight each employee you'd like to assign.

*Note* When assigning you may see assignment restrictions pop up if there is anything you should be aware of about the employee(s) you are assigning. 

All assignments made for this order will be displayed on the visifile:

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