Sending Emails from a Message

Why do double the work when you don't have to? When logging a message in Enterprise, you have the option to send the message out as an email at the same time!

On the Visifile of the record, log a message by clicking on the message bubble highlighted in red below:

Choose a message action code from the dropdown that fits the reason for the message. Then, continue to add in the message notes. Since I want to send this message as an email, I've decided to set the message up in an email format.

To indicate that the message should be sent out as an email, click on the email tab in the message.

Click the box next to send this message as an email and enter in a subject line.

Under recipients you will have the option to send it to the person whose record you are on currently logging the message on. You will also have the option to send the message as an email to the branch the record is associated with. Any miscellaneous recipients will need to be added in the other field.

If you need to add an attachment of any kind to the message/email you are sending, click on the attachments tab.

Once you are in the attachments tab, click on the  button to choose the file.

To log the message and send it out as an email, click post on the bottom right hand corner of the message box.

*Note* In order for the message emailer to work, the user's email needs to be integrated into Enterprise prior to logging the message

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