Interview Questionnaire

What is an interview questionnaire?

The interview questionnaire allows users to design and organize interviews that are to be conducted by recruiters. Additionally, there is no limit to how many interview questionnaires you can have and what those questionnaires look like--they are truly customizable and can include a myriad of groups and interview questions within one questionnaire. Similarly, employees can complete one or 100 questionnaires! 

Quick Steps

Add a Questionnaire to an Employee Record

  1. Navigate to Employee Record details section
  2. Select 'interview questionnaire'
  3. Select Interview tab
  4. Use the drop down to select the questionnaire group(s)
  5. Use the drop down under Interviewed by to select the interviewer
  6. Select the interview Date
  7. Enter answers to applicable questions 
  8. Click 'Save' 
Complete and Detailed Steps

Part 1: Designing Interview Questionnaires: 

To design and add new interview questionnaires, start by navigating to the administration section of Enterprise. Then select interview questionnaire. Interview questionnaires are created in two steps. The first step is to create a group, and the second step is to create questions. 

Step 1: Creating Groups:

Select the + icon to create a new group. You will then be required to provide a Group Name and Hier. 

Group Ideas and Examples: 

  • Standard Questionnaire: Create a general interview questionnaire available to all branches and recruiters (Entity or Super Entity Level depending on your hierarchy) 
  • Industry Based: If you work in multiple industries, consider creating a questionnaire for each--Light Industrial, Clerical, IT, etc. Customer & 
  • Branch Specific: Perhaps your North Branch works with ABC Comp., who has a very particular set of questions they want you to ask when pre-screening candidates. You could create a group named "ABC Comp." and limit the questionnaire to the North Branch (Hier). 

Step 2: Adding Questions:

To add questions to your group, again select the + icon. A new form will appear requiring you to provide the Question Name and Question Text: In the response type drop-down, users may select text or list:  

  • Text: Used for questions that elicit a free text response
  • List: Used for multiple choice style questions
Once groups and questions have been successfully created, you will be available to view (scroll up or down the complete list) and edit any of the information 


Part 2: Adding/Completing Interview Questionnaires on Employee Records:

Step 1: 

To attach an interview questionnaire to an employee record, navigate to the (1.) details section of the employee record and select (2.) interview questionnaire. There will be two tabs within the interview questionnaire- summary and interview:

  • The summary tab displays all the questions assigned to this employee and all the answers that have been given.
  • The interview tab allows users to select what groups of questions (designed in administration, see Part 1 of this help document for any questions) you would like to ask the employee.

Step 2: 

Within the interview tab, select the group(s) of questions you would like to ask your employee. 

*Note- The interview questionnaires will be organized alphabetically, not by the order in which you selected the groups. Once you have completed selecting groups, the questionnaire(s) will be immediately available for users to input answers into.

*Note- In the interview section, users may select who is interviewing the employee and date the interview took place. Users may also search on these details, as well as answer responses, from the employee enhance search section.

Step 3:

 Enter and save employee responses to interview questions (via ctrl+s or the save icon). Answers may be reviewed at any time via the summary tab

Searching Interview Questionnaire Responses:Questions and answers associated with the interview questionnaire may be pulled by conducting an employee enhanced search.

Step 1: 

From the employee enhance search dashboard, select the (3.) interview questionnaire category, and the (4.) question name and/or (5.) question answer field(s).

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