WOTC Eligibilty

Employers can hire eligible employees that fall under specific target WOTC groups and receive tax credits for those who qualify. Within the employee record you may now track employee eligibility in relation to WOTC. 

Employee Eligibility Status

There are two ways the WOTC eligibilty status can be populated:

1. Manually enter the WOTC status within the drop-down. This option is utilized if the HRCenter WOTC integration along with a "Postfill WOTC Result" configuration is not setup.

2. If the employee completes the WOTC questionnaire via the HRCenter integration, a configuration called "Postfill WOTC Result" may be turned on. If this configuration is set to true it will work in conjunction with the ADP information page and a link for printing the WOTC documents will be inserted within the eligibility status message. As well as logging a message,  the WOTC eligibility field within the employee details section will auto-populate with the corresponding status related to the message. 

*Note-  Please work with a TempWorks representative to setup the configuration within your system.

Once you have verified the employee's eligibility navigate to details (1.) , hiring information (2.), WOTC Eligibility drop-down (3.) to distinguish their WOTC status:

If the status is set to "Eligible" a WOTC icon will populate within the avatar section of the employee file as shown:

If the status is set to "Not Eligible" no icon will appear within the avatar section of the employee file:

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