Microsoft Remote Desktop Server or Citrix Recommendations

​​Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Citrix may be required if any of the following scenarios are true: 
  • Users are connecting over a WAN or VPN using the TempWorks Desktop client. 
  • Round-trip client/server latency does not meet Customer expectations. 
  • Remote users are connecting with a finite (or budgeted) amount of bandwidth.  Remote Desktop Services/Citrix can allow more users to use that connection with better results (faster, lower latency) because more work is done on the Remote Desktop Services/Citrix computer rather than the remote client(s). 
​Server Specifications (up to 25 concurrent users)
​Processor Minimum 4 Cores
​RAM 24 GB
​Disk Configuration​ ​Any redundant RAID configuration is acceptable
​​Operating systems and other requirements See System Requirements to Run Enterprise
If performance is not acceptable for this many users, reduce the number of users per Remote Desktop Services Server.
For more information about Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, visit: 
For more information about Citrix Desktop Virtualization, visit: 

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