Vendor Portal Quickstart

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Each TempWorks Client who subscribes to the Vendor Portal will have WebCenter configured specifically to fit their needs. This guide is designed, generically, to be used by any Vendor company who uses WebCenter. It is not designed for any specific TempWorks Client or Vendor.Please note; there may be topics covered in this document on features of Web Center 6 that your staffing partner does not supply. 

This document will walk users through basic setup of their vendor portal account. 

Vendor Portal Introduction

Sign In Page:

Once you the vendor have entered your username and password correctly select log in, this will bring you to the home page.

Home Page

Each icon across the top bar indicates a different section of WebCenter:

  • How to Update Your Information:

 Clicking (1.) My Information will navigate users directly to the profile section of WebCenter where users can update their email address, password, and notifications.

  • Setting your notification subscriptions:

WebCenter will automatically send emails based on certain actions that take place. For example, one notification (3.) VendorOrderDistribution sends an email to the (2.) address on file every time service rep (i.e. recruiter, account manager) sends you a new order request. If you'd like to unsubscribe from any notifications, simply verify that the corresponding check box is deselected, and vice versa if you would like to enroll in any notifications.  


Within the orders tab you may preview the statuses of orders that have been distributed from the staffing company whether they are new, recently accepted by you as the vendor, closed, etc. As a vendor, you may have the option to accept or reject the order depending upon the circumstances. For additional help on vendor order review please visit Vendors: How to Review Orders


Employees may be entered through the employees tab by manual entry or uploading a resume and parsing employee information into the system. Once the employee is entered, additional information such as education, work history, skills, etc. can be added. Adding an employee record within this section will also create an employee record within enterprise. For additional help on how to add and submit employees please visit Vendors: How to Add and Submit Employees


This tab holds any report that you have access to within the vendor portal. Simply select the (4.) reports tab and click the corresponding (5.) run report icon to pull any report.  *Note- The reports seen below are not necessarily indicative of the available reports to you in the vendor portal. 


Access the documents tab for any relevant documents the staffing company has uploaded for you to have instant access to.  

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