Employee Avatar and Actions Menu

Employee Avatar

Located in the upper left corner of the database, the Avatar area displays a wealth of information about the employee record currently open in TempWorks Enterprise. 

The name of the employee will be displayed along with their address, ID number, and SSN. 

*Note* Depending on the preferences of your company, the SSN may display the full SSN or only the last four digits of their SSN. 

The main (1.) Employee Avatar icon displayed can be selected at the time a new employee is entered into TempWorks Enterprise: 

To change the Avatar after initial creation of the employee record, right click the icon 

Resetting the Avatar icon will change it to the universal symbol for Employee:  

*Note* because each company has different policies about using Avatar icons, please consult your company before using Avatar icons.

Within the Avatar area there is a row of symbols which depict various aspects of the employee currently viewed:

Hovering your mouse over each Avatar will display what that Avatar represents.  

Clicking on an Avatar may give options to navigate to the record prompting the Avatar:

Avatar IconNameMeaning
SubcontractedThis employee is setup as a subcontractor. See Vendor- Subcontractors in Enterprise for more information. 
Direct DepositEmployee is setup to use direct deposit/paycard under Electronic Pay. Use the jump buttons to go to the pay setup/electronic pay sections of the employee record
Active If lit up, this is an active employee record. If this is grayed out, then this is an inactive record. 
AssignedIf lit up, this employee is currently on an assignment. A list of current & recent assignments will appear when you hover over this icon. 
DNA RecordsThis Avatar icon represents the fact that this employee has been asked to not return, or has asked to not be sent back, to a customer and/or department of a customer.  Hovering over the icon will display a list of customer/department, clicking on any customer/department that is listed will navigate to the DNA (Assignment Restriction) area of the employee record.
Missing or Expired DocumentsThis Avatar icon represents all required documents added to the employee record which are either missing or expired based on the data collected for each Required Document. Clicking on any of the required documents listed will navigate TempWorks Enterprise to the required documents area of the employee record.
TasksIf this icon is visible, then there is at least one task tied to this record. Hover over this icon to see the task regardless of who created it.  
Payroll Setup IncompleteIf this icon is visible, it means that the employee's pay setup complete checkbox is unchecked. Hover over it and select 'View Employee Payroll Information' to navigate to pay setup. 
Worker Comp ClaimsIf the employee being viewed has a worker compensation claim being tracked in TempWorks Enterprise this Avatar icon will be displayed. Hovering the mouse over the icon will display all worker compensation claims; click a claim to navigate directly to that Worker Compensation claim area if you have access.
E-VerifyIf you are utilizing out E-Verify integration, then you will see the employee's current E-Verify status here. For more information including color coding meanings see How to Process E-Verify Cases
ACA StatusThis icon will display the employee's current ACA status
 WOTC EligibilityIf displayed, the employee is WOTC Eligible. This information is coming from the employee details page under hiring Information.

Actions Menu & Additional Icons

Add a New RecordOpens the Add New Employee Form
Actions MenuWill display a multitude of options. 
ReportsDisplays a list of specific reports for the record you are on. This is dependent on your security roles. 
FavoritesDisplays list of favorite records and allows you to add a new favorite. 
Tearaway PageAllows users to open current page in a separate window. See The Tearaway Page for more information. 
SearchNavigate to Employee Search 
Previous/Next Search ResultsWill navigate you to the previous or next result in your search. 

*Note* Avatar icons will vary depending on the Security Role of each user and the options contracted with TempWorks. Please see your system administrator for the specifics of your Security Role and contacted options.

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